Doormats are something that most people don't pay much attention to. I mean, who would think of creating the ultimate doormat guide? I know I never did until I started seeing these amazing layered doormats all over Pinterest. Pin after pin showing the everything from the best combination for layered doormats to the best doormats for farmhouse style.

So I decided to scour the internet and create your guide to finding the right doormat. This post is full of the best doormat ideas, from fun and casual to warm and welcoming, I'm sure you'll find something just perfect to welcome your visitors to your home.



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Just don't stress too much over it…after all, it's a doormat. People will wipe their feet on it, ha ha!


The Ultimate Doormat Guide- Your Guide to Finding the Right Doormat


The Best Doormats at Amazon


Home Sweet Home Farmhouse Style Doormat 

I love this particular choice because it has a farmhouse look about it, mostly because of the grey, black and white coloring. If the farmhouse look isn't your thing, there are several more styles including a beach themed doormat and even a man cave welcome mat.

Mustache Funny Doormat 

I got a kick out of this funny doormat with a picture of a mustache. We love humor at our house and I can totally see this doormat sitting on our front porch!

Yay You're Here Doormat 

This cute doormat is perfect for welcoming anyone (except those pesky door to door salesmen, am I right?). It's made of heavy duty PVC backing and is perfect for outdoor or indoor use.

No Need to Knock Doggy Doormat 

As a dog owner, this is one dog inspired doormat that I can relate to! I swear, my dog starts barking before our visitor is even half way up our walkway to the front door. Very cute doormat that rings true for all of us dog owners.

Hello You Lovely People Round Doormat

This round doormat is kind of unique and I like it. It's made with natural coir which I just learned (as in today) that is actually the husk of a coconut. It has vinyl backing and is mold and mildew resistant. A fun choice to spruce up your porch or entryway!


More Amazon Doormats


Hello Doormat 

This friendly weather-resistant doormat is not only decorative, but durable. Great for scraping the bottom of shoes clean, it's designed to withstand both inclement weather and high traffic.

Kempf Rectangle Dragon Coco Coir Doormat

Made of 100% natural coco fiber, this neutral doormat will go well with any color palette. Great for doormat layering as the basket-weave texture would look nice sitting on a solid-colored doormat.


Man's Best Friend Doormat 

With non-slip vinyl backing to keep it in place, this whimsical doormat celebrates man's best friend. Whether your guests are two or four legged, they will all feel welcome!


Beachcomber Doormat

I had to include this beachcomber doormat as I'm such a fan of beach decor. I love the beach and try to incorporate beach themed decor in my home as often as I can. It makes me happy and gives me a little glimpse of the place I love most on a daily basis. If you love the beach as much as I do, this is a great choice for your entryway!

Monogrammed Letter Doormat

With a touch of Old World character, this personalized doormat features a central circle woven from coir (quick recap, that means coconut husk!) and is both tough and stylish. Select the letter of your choice when ordering.


The Best Doormats at Etsy 


If You're ________, ________, or ________ Doormat

If you're ________, _________, or ________ doormats are fully customizable with whatever you want to say! Some of my favorites are “If you're Amazon, a Babysitter or JoAnna Gaines, We're Home” and “If You're Tacos, Amazon or The Rock, I'm Home!” I've actually seen these personalized doormats all over Pinterest but never knew where they came from until now. Love them and am seriously considering getting one. Now to figure out what to say!





Come in And Get Cozy Doormat 

The perfect invitation for your guests, this cozy doormat is made of 100% coir and has a rubber backing. This would be a great option for layered doormats.


Funny Doormat 

This funny doormat reads “Hope You Like Animals & Kids Because It's a Zoo Inside” and couldn't be more true at many homes, mine included. It measures 18X30 but there's an option to upgrade to a larger size 24X35 if you choose.

Crazy Cat Lady Doormat 

I love this crazy cat lady doormat, perfect for any cat lover's porch or entryway! Let your friends know before entering that they are now entering the cat zone!


Custom Family Name Doormat 

This mat is high-quality digital print and is weather proof, made for either outdoor or indoor use. It comes in a wide variety of colors and you can customize the doormat by writing pretty much anything you want on it.



The Best Doormats at Cost Plus World Market 


Gather Doormat 

Offer your guests a warm greeting with this Gather Doormat. Made of coconut coir, this bristle construction is easily brushed off to clean.




Teal Cherry Blossom Doormat 

Featuring bright cherry blossom branches on a teal background, this resilient doormat is a beauty! It will stand up to foot traffic no matter the season.



Natural Coir Rope Knot Doormat 

This rope knot doormat is so unique, I just love the way it looks! I think it would be great to layer this doormat on another solid colored mat. You could switch out the underneath mat depending on the season.


Llama Doormat 

These adorable Llamas are dressed up in iconic Peruvian clothing. This sweet artwork is exclusive to World Market and will give any doorstep a charming new look.


Fall Foliage Doormat 

This fun doormat features fall colors on a bleached ivory background. Made of resilient coconut Coir bristles, it's the perfect addition to warm up any porch or entryway.


The Best Doormats at Kirkland's 


Life is Better on the Porch Doormat 

With hues of black and tan, this sweet doormat includes rocking chair designs perfect for that farmhouse porch..or any porch, for that matter! This mat states what's on today's agenda…complete relaxation!


Black Plaid Home Sweet Home Doormat 


This home sweet home doormat will be your favorite sight at the end of a long day. No matter where your travels take you, it's always good to be home! It's made of coir with a vinyl backing and measures 30L X 18W.

This is Our Happy Place Doormat 


Beautiful colors and a floral design makes this doormat a wonderful choice. Perfect to use all year long, simply shake out to minimize dirt build up.

Hide Packages from Husband Doormat 

For those of us who are Amazon shoppers, this is the perfect doormat! I actually laughed out loud when I found this. Not sure my hubby would get as much of a kick out of it, but it just might wind up on our front porch anyway!

Blessed Doormat 

This floral blessed doormat is the perfect way to greet your guests. The floral patterns are on opposite corners and it's hues of navy, pink, white, yellow and green are just lovely!

Bonus: Target has some really neat and affordable doormats, click the link below to head over and check them out!


I found so many great farmhouse style doormats and layered doormats too but alas, I couldn't list them all! I hope this ultimate doormat guide will help you find the best doormat for your home!


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