Fitness Ideas and Advice for Busy Moms  #fitnesstips #busymoms #fitnessforbusymoms

Fitness Ideas and Advice for Busy Moms

Disclosure – Fitness Ideas and Advice for Busy Moms post is in collaboration with Mary Johnson.


Being a mom means having little fìt-time for yourself as you are busy taking care of your little ones, but this should not keep you from working out and taking care of yourself! A happy and healthy mom is what you deserve and what your kids deserve as well.

So for all you busy moms out there, here are some ideas of how you can incorporate fitness into your life without compromising too much time:

Consider your why

We all know that exercise is important, but consider your why so you can really get down to your motivation. Write it down, share it with a friend and with your family, and you will be more likely to stick to consistent exercise.

Use fitness apps

‘There’s an app for that!’ But really, there is. Fitness apps such as 30-Day Fitness make getting workouts in a lot easier, as they have structured workouts created by professionals that you can choose according to your fitness goals.

For example, if you want to work on your core there is a guided 30-minute core workout available on the 30-Day Fitness app that you can knock out knowing you are getting a proper workout and be able to track your progress.

Create a routine

Just like deciding what to make your kids for lunch for the week or deciding what you are going to wear for the day, choosing your workouts can take up time.

So rather than letting the ‘workout decision time’ eat into your actual ‘workout time’, create a routine that you can immediately jump into when you have the time. Start by considering what your favorite workouts are, what you want to focus on in your workouts, and plan accordingly.

Always be prepared

Did your kids go down for a nap and you want to get a workout in and watch your favorite show? Don’t waste time by searching for your exercise clothes and any equipment you may want. Keep everything you need for your workouts in one place, and even consider keeping a set of exercise clothes in your car in case you are able to get into a workout class while on the go.

Wake up early

Most moms already wake up early, but if you can wake up even just 20 minutes earlier you can make time for a workout! This might mean getting to sleep a bit earlier rather than watching your favorite show once the kids go down for bed the night before, but with exercise as a priority you will find yourself wanting to get proper rest for it!

Designate a space in your home for exercise

Who has time to get to and from the gym these days?! Cut down on the total time you spend getting a workout in by designating a spot in your home for a proper workout.

You can get an effective workout in without equipment, but you can also set yourself up with some dumbbells, a jump rope, and exercise bands to boost your workout.

Do you have any suggestions and/or favorite workout routines?

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Fitness Ideas and Advice for Busy Moms #fitnesstips #busymoms #fitnessforbusymoms