Today we're offering this Free Auto Maintenance Log Printable to help you keep track of your car. Keeping a maintenance log helps you save time by having all your necessary info in one place. Itt will also help you save money by knowing exactly when your vehicle was serviced. This way you won't have any unnecessary repairs done.

Download this Free Auto Maintenance Log Printable to help you maintain your car. Free Printable|Auto Maintenance Log|Vehicle Maintenance Log|Car Maintenance Log

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Why keep a maintenance log?

Keeping an auto maintenance log will help you keep your car in top shape by keeping track of the work you have done. It's also helpful in case you decide to sell your car down the line. You can show your prospective buyers that you have in fact taken care of the vehicle.

Free Auto Maintenance Log Printable

Snagging this free printable is an easy way to keep track of everything. Yes, it might be considered a little ‘old school' in today's digital world.

These are the things that you want to record:


This is obvious but keep track of when the work was done.


Important to keep track of how many miles is on the car at the time of maintenance.


Exactly what you had done to your vehicle.


You want to keep track of your expenses

Serviced By

Name of the dealer or shop doing the work.


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