Our phones have gone from a simple calling device in the early 2000s to now being like tiny computers which we carry our life around in every single day of our lives. Technology is a marvel, and mobile phones have been perhaps the most impressive piece of technology around for a while now. You can do more than just keep in touch with your loved ones, and we are going to look at a few of those things now.


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Play games


Games used to be confined to our computer screens and to consoles, but with the sheer power of our phones they have now been made pocket sized just for us. Every week there is a new mobile game for iOS such as Final Fantasy 15, Hungry Dragon and simple games such as Candy Crush. You could easily spend hours on your phone playing games this week and it will be a fun way to spend your evening.


Get fit


You would think that a phone only encourages us to sit down and do nothing, but with a lot of the apps we can download these days it is actually the total opposite. For example we can track our health with the health app, track our diet with MyFitnessPal, and even track workouts with apps like FitStar and FitStar Yoga. There are tonnes of apps out there which will give you recipes, motivation and workouts so you have no choice but to get fit!


Create a movie


If you are feeling a little bit creative and you have a couple of friends or your pets in the house to film, you can create a trailer for a movie or your own little video with apps such as iMovie. You could even try your hand at some stop motion animation with apps on your phone! Let your creative flare out and have some fun playing around with different speeds and settings.


Become a photographer


If you love to take photographs with a big camera, you might not even need an SLR anymore to make some stunning images. The newer models of smartphone are now starting to equal the quality of a professional camera and this means you can take photographs of the wild and create photo shoots of your friends and really play around with the images afterwards. Apps such as Snapseed and Lightroom CC make it super easy to enhance images and feel like a real photographer.


Make music


You’ve been able to play music on the phone for years, but what about making your own music? Apps such as Garage Band are ideal for making your own songs and you can choose from a range of different instruments depending on what you are looking for. It makes being creative so much easier and it is super fun to play around with. You could make the next top ten hit and you could even start to sell the songs and jingles you make to other companies!