Homemade Christmas Food Gifts are perfect for the upcoming Holiday Season! #Christmas #homemadegifts #homemadechristmasgifts

Homemade Christmas Food Gifts

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You’ll probably be hard-pressed to find anyone who will pass up homemade Christmas food gifts this holiday season. So, why not take advantage of that? If you love to bake, not only will you enjoy whipping up a variety of yummy treats, you could actually save money in the process too.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Hot Chocolate Jars

Who doesn’t love a cup of hot chocolate during the cold winter months? Putting these together takes no time at all, and is every bit as thoughtful as other homemade goodies. There are some fun mason jar hot cocoa gift ideas on Pinterest.

There are many variations of this classic treat to choose from, some of which include adding ground cinnamon, chocolate chips or even crushed candy cane pieces. If you want a creamier hot chocolate, try adding a scoop of non-dairy creamer (my recommendation is NeuRoast Coffee Creamer)

Mini Sweet Breads

Sweet breads are a nice change of pace from the usual Christmas favorites, and you can really go as simple or complex as you want. Try using mini loaf pans for a trio box, or make full-sized loaves and cut them into thick slices.

I make mini breads every year and they are a hit. Snickerdoodle, pumpkin, chocolate, lemon and more.


Jams and Jellies

Homemade jams are a great choice for a DIY gift because you can make a different flavor for everyone. There are all kinds of recipes out there that feature fruits, veggies, or even bacon.

These jellies can be enjoyed on a simple cracker or even alone. You can also make a simple bread or cookie to give them as a complementary gift. Using a pretty jelly jar to spruce up your creation is also a good idea.

Homemade Christmas Food Gifts are perfect for the upcoming Holiday Season! #Christmas #homemadegifts #homemadechristmasgifts


Assorted Cookie Box

Christmas cookies are a time-honored tradition for many families. Every year we make a variety of holiday shaped sweet treats. My kids really look forward to this and love helping cut them out, then decorating each one with their own personal touch.

You could make a dozen of each of several kinds of cookies, and put a couple of each kind into holiday gift boxes.

Bourbon Balls

These bite-sized treats need time to cool after you make them in order to tame the bold bourbon flavor. But, they are a great dessert for a holiday party, as well as a delicious stocking stuffer. If you’re looking for an alternative to the bourbon flavor, try making rum balls instead.

Get loads of recipe ideas on Pinterest, like my favorite Chocolate Bourbon Balls.

Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark is a treat made by layering crushed candies (usually peppermint) onto chocolate. There are an endless amount of custom bark recipes to choose from (like this peppermint bark recipe) meaning that you could give out a different delicious bark every year.

Homemade Christmas Food Gifts are perfect for the upcoming Holiday Season! #Christmas #homemadegifts #homemadechristmasgifts


There’s nothing better than hand-made biscotti. These twice-baked Italian biscuits are typically made with almond extract, making it easy to pair with a wide variety of dried fruits, nuts and chocolate. The end result is a delicately sweet, almost too-pretty-to-eat dessert that everyone will enjoy.

Make them a few days before handing them out so the flavors have time to meld. You can find good Biscotti recipes online easily.


As you might guess, this is just a teeny-tiny part of all the homemade Christmas food gift ideas available. Pinterest is a fantastic option to help you come up with more ideas. (Feel free to follow me to see all of the goodies from this site!)

In the end, whatever recipes you decide on, it’s almost a sure bet that your thoughtfulness (and baking talent) will be remembered for weeks or months to come. What about you, are you going to make any homemade food gifts this year? Which ones would you like to try?

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Homemade Christmas Food Gifts are perfect for the upcoming Holiday Season! #Christmas #homemadegifts #homemadechristmasgifts