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How I Get the Kids to Help Clean


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Every year when the kids celebrate that last day of school, you know what happens that next day? The cries of “I’m booooored!” will be coming out of most kids mouths. Thinking back, I am sure this too came out of my own mouth as a kid. 

Keeping kids moving, learning, and exploring in the summer is great, but also teaching and getting them to help around the house is very important. It helps you, and teaches them life lessons.

That’s why I’ve been devising fun ways to get the kids to help clean.

Start by grabbing this FREE Kit from Grove Collaborative. When you join and order then meet me back here for tricks to get the kids to help pitch in (and actually enjoy it!). Even if you don't order, read on for great tips. 


How I Get The Kids to Help Clean

First Tip

  • Choose products that are safe for kids to use. It goes without saying that I don’t want my kids around anything that could make them sick. I love Mrs. Meyer's because if there’s a chance an ingredient isn’t safe, they won’t use it. Meyer’s products are made from natural ingredients, but they’re still as strong as Wonder Woman.

Second Tip

  • Bright colors make cleaning more fun. Use bright colored cleaning cloths for dishes and dusting. If you have little ones, you could even practice color names to make cleanup a learning opportunity.

Third Tip

  • Everyone loves bubbles. Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap is perfect for the kids’ bathroom. The pump is easy to use and my kids love how lathery it is — maybe a little too much! Sometimes I catch them having a bubble party in the sink, but let’s be honest, I’m just happy they’re washing their hands.

Forth Tip

  • Give them their own cleaning kit. Having their own supplies makes little ones feel grown up. We picked out goodies from Grove like rubber gloves, a scrub brush, and a cleaning caddy.
  • I showed them how to use each tool, and added multipurpose cleaning supplies like Mrs. Meyer's multi-surface cleaner to cut down on confusion. (Of course, my kids got really into decorating their cleaning caddies with stickers).

Fifth Tip


  • Kids love scented stuff — especially if they get to choose the scent. My kids loved picking out the scents for this Grove Kit and were excited to make the house smell good. When you grab your free kit from Grove Collaborative, you can choose from a variety of scents including Lavender, Basil, Lemon Verbena, Mint and my favorite, Honeysuckle.

Sixth Tip

  • Make chores a competitive sport. Sometimes the lazy days of summer leave everyone feeling sluggish. That’s when I challenge my kids to a kid vs. kid chore competition. Whoever is first to get their chores done well wins! You can read about how I get my kids to eagerly do chores in my post over at the popular blog Your Modern Family.

Seventh Tip

  • Help them take ownership. It’s not always easy to motivate the kids to help with dish duty. But at our house, we have a schedule so everyone takes their turn.  Mrs. Meyer's dish soap and Grove Collaborative walnut scrubbers help the kids help clean better and tackle big messes.

This is how I get the kids to help clean, true story! It works amazingly! And Grove Collaborative helps. #cleaningtips #householdcleaning #grovecollaborative #momshoppingnetwork

My kids look forward to receiving our Grove Collaborative order each month. They get so excited when they see the Grove box sitting on our porch! I get excited too because Grove ships my favorite natural products right to my doorstep on my schedule.

Grab your free Grove Kitand give Grove Collaborative a try this summer! You’ll also get a free 60 day VIP trial, which means FREE shipping, FREE gifts, price-matching, and exclusive service.

Grove Collaborative really works great to get the kids to help clean. There's no better time to try it out than now! To try Grove and get your kit, Go here —> FREE Grove KIT!


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How I Get The Kids To Help Clean #cleaningtips #grovecollaborative #householdchores #choresforkids #momshoppingnetwork


Tips To Get Kids To Help Clean #cleaningtips #grovecollaborative #householdchores #choresforkids #momshoppingnetwork