One thing about choosing the best wall art for your space is that you really can't go wrong. After all, you decide what you like in your own house (or office, etc.). When it comes to decorating, you can either adhere to  the latest trends, or just do your own thing…it's totally up to you!

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I swear, if I'm ever rich (or should I say when…power of positive thinking, right?) I think I'll redecorate at least a couple times a year. I love shopping for home decor, and finding beautiful wall hangings is right up my alley. I'm definitely in need of more wall space!

But alas, I'm a girl on a budget. That means that shopping for affordable wall art is a must.

The cool thing about wall decor is that you can easily find it on the cheap…sometimes, believe it or not, even FREE! (Yes, you heard that right…FREE wall art!)

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Whether you like paintings, pictures, or inspirational wall hangings, there are many places to find it without breaking the bank. Of course Amazon has everything, right? Also daily deal sites like Jane and Zulily regularly have wall art at very reasonable prices.


But how do you choose the best wall art for your space?

Here are a few tips:

Stick With a Theme

Whether it's a color theme or decorating style, sticking with a theme will help you choose a piece that will fit, and easily eliminate ones that won't.

A few ideas:

Beach or Coastal









Consider the Wall Space

You don't want your space to look too cluttered, so take the wall space into consideration when choosing your wall hanging. This doesn't mean that you can't hang a big picture in a small space, but you wouldn't want to clutter it up by hanging more than one. Likewise, if you have a large wall space, one tiny small wall hanging won't do the trick. Look at the space you have and buy accordingly.


Know Your Budget

Yes, this is huge. Shopping for wall art on a budget is possible, but you have to know what that budget is in order for you to stick with it. If you have a pretty big area to decorate and are in need of multiple items, consider buying one piece at a time. You can just hang on to each piece until you have all the items purchased, then decorate (or redecorate) all at once.

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hobby lobby

Make it Personal

This is the fun part. Think about your favorite things. Whether it's inspirational phrases, beautiful paintings, or family pictures, let your choices in wall decor reflect the style and things that you love.


Let the Kids Help

You know all those beautiful drawings your kids create for you that hang on the fridge for awhile and then get stashed who knows where? Use them when decorating your rooms! You can use a site like Zazzle  to upload a digital photo (you'll need to scan your child's artwork first) and create a custom digital print. Or simply put a few illustrations in pretty frames and wa-la, instant home decor!


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There's no right or wrong way to decorate, no matter what the pros tell you. Your space should be a reflection of you. Whether you're decorating a living room, master bedroom, kitchen or office, let your style and personality shine through in your wall decor choices.

Do you have any other tips on how to choose the best wall art for your space? We'd love to hear them, please leave a comment below!


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