Many of us are vacationing in the summer months. While some people go visit relatives, others set off on a particular destination that can be reached by car. For those of us with kids, that can be a little challenging. That's why we've come up with a few suggestions on how to have a happy family road trip with kids.

How To Have A  Happy Family Road Trip With Kids

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How To Have A Happy Family Road Trip With Kids


Make Sure Everyone Knows the Plan

When my kids were small, I found that letting them know exactly what was going on, as well as what I expected of them, made for a smoother experience all around. If we were going to head into the store, I'd say, “We're stopping here for bread, milk, and cereal, but this is not a trip for toys. You can look, but we're not buying anything today.” The same thing can work when it comes to road trips. Let them know where you're going, when you'll stop for lunch, and how long it should take to get there. The more they know, the more you can avoid melt downs over circumstances they weren't aware of.


Bring Snacks

Ah, the magic word…snacks! Whether it's a bag of beef jerky, fruit, granola bars, or the kid favorite…candy! (Although I don't recommend too much candy, remember, this is a road trip and you're going to be stuck in a car with them for awhile!). Keeping the munchies at bay will definitely make for a more enjoyable trip as the kids won't be complaining that they're starving every second.


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