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How to Help Your Budget Recover After the Holidays

How to Help Your Budget Recover After the Holidays

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  1. Rebecca

    Great advice. I definitely need to keep myself away from the shops as I’m a sucker for clearance items!

    1. Kimi Clark

      Me too Rebecca, I can’t resist a good sale! 🙂

  2. Celeste

    Thanks for the tip of not shopping in store. I am such a sucker for after Christmas sales. It’s usually just more of what I bought before christmas though. Sigh! Thanks I’ll try and do my best with that one.

    Celeste |

    1. Kimi Clark

      Celeste I’m the same way. I pick up stuff and then think, “Do I really need that?” and usually wind up putting it back! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. Gina Gardner

    A great article reminding us all to be more frugal. It’s a good idea no matter what time of year it is. Thanks!

  4. Katharine | Work at Home Maven

    Good ideas. When we go a little overboard during holidays, we cut back on things afterwards and try to just purchase necessities. Unfortunately that usually means missing out on after holiday sales. I hope to plan better this coming year to have some spendable money afterwards to take advantage of the 50-75% off sales on decorations, etc.

  5. Anh Luu

    Hahahah this was DEFINITELY a necessary post for me to read! x)

    1. Kimi Clark

      Now if I can just take my own advice, ha ha! Thanks for stopping by Anh! 🙂

  6. Kath Mendez

    Great tips! I haven’t done my Christmas shopping yet but for sure I’ll be needing this sooner rather than later. I agree that shopping online using your credit card will be able to save you money and save you from temptation. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Kimi Clark

      I do as much online shopping as possible for that very reason. Thanks so much for stopping by Kath! 🙂

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