As a parent, finding toy organizing ideas can be the difference between a neat space and a messy house.

Now don't get me wrong, toys are to be played with! But I do believe that when every toy has a place, at the end of the day it helps keep your home in order and even reduces stress, because we all know that mess equals stress!

So we've come up with a few simple solutions on how to organize toys that will hopefully help you reduce clutter  and maybe even get some of your sanity back.

And hey, who knows…the kids might actually be okay with it too.

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The first stage in organizing toys is thinking about how many toys should a child have. Yup, you guessed it, I'm going to suggest decluttering toys before you even begin the organizing process.

Although that's not what this post is about, I'll share a few quick rules for decluttering toys:

Have the kids separate toys into categories:

  • Favorite toys
  • Toys they play with sometimes
  • Toys they never play with


Let them know ahead of time that if they have too many toys, some will have to go in order to get your house organized.

Get them excited about the process of having their bedroom, playroom or living room clean. After all, a clean room means more room for them to play!

Allow them to help you sort the toys. Of course let them keep their favorites, but make note that toys that are never played with are the ones that need to go.

Sometimes it can help if the kids know that toys they no longer use will be donated and going to another child that would like to play with them.

Donation box with children toys on blue background close-up


Now the hard part, the toys they play with sometimes. When I do this with my kids, I let them choose what they want to keep. But for every toy they keep, they have to put one in the ‘get rid of pile', as we call it.

Hopefully these simple tips for decluttering kids toys will help you feel like you're starting the organizing process with a manageable amount of toys.


Now onto How to Organize Toys!


Large Toy Storage Ideas

When it comes to large toy storage, think about how to store big toys in places outside of the child's bedroom.

Maybe you have room in a hall closet, or in the garage.

If the toys need to stay in the bedroom, try fitting them under the bed or in the closet. That will keep them out of sight and help the space look less cluttered.

How to Organize Toys in a Living Room

Utilizing living room toy storage furniture is the best way to keep toys organized.

When my kids were little, we always had one toy box in our living room so they would have toys to play with out in the main part of the house.

I never minded it, if you came to my house on any occasion you'd find a LIVING ROOM TOY BOX (if I remember correctly it was the Wiggles Toy box and a Princess Toy box, lol).

These days it's easy to find stylish toy storage for your living room. Something like THIS ONE would be a great option.

Children's Bedroom Storage Ideas

Organizing toys in a bedroom is probably the most common place to figure out how to organize kids toys.


Here are some toy organization ideas that should help.


Stuffed Animal Organization

One thing that works really well for stuffed animals is large toy storage bins like the ones from Rubbermaid or Sterilite (we use these ones a lot!).

Unless they're kept on a bed (which I don't know about your house, but at mine they always seem to wind up on the floor anyway!) this is probably the easiest way to keep stuffed animals organized.

This way you allocate them to one storage area instead of all over the room.

Another thing to try would be a STUFFED ANIMAL NET. But let me warn you, these can work well when your kid doesn't have a ton of stuffed animals. But too many and it can look like an overflowing mess.

Organizing Dolls

At our house we organize dolls by what type they are. So the Barbies are all together, the Strawberry Shortcake Dolls, the Baby Dolls, etc. You get the picture.

Barbies can be kept in a BARBIE CASE, or if your kids have a lot, consider using a large bin for these too.

Toy bin storage works well for keeping dolls organized. You can even get STORAGE BINS WITH LIDS that can be stacked in the closet or on a shelf.

STACKABLE STORAGE CONTAINERS aren't hard to find are usually quite affordable, which is great if you're organizing toys on a budget.

Toy Organizer Shelf

We have always used toy shelves in my kids rooms. It makes it easy for kids to not only see what they have, but also put away toys by themselves.

Toys can either be placed on the toy shelf individually if they're big or in toy organizer bins or baskets that fit on the shelf if they're smaller.

You can even label the bins if you are organizing by type of toy: say Legos, action figures, or what have you.

Bins and baskets are great for keeping groups of toys altogether. Especially when there are tons of teeny tiny pieces or accessories (you know what I'm talking about mama!).

Tip: You can get a toy shelf with bins like the one mentioned above or just a regular bookshelf for kids toys. A regular shelf also works well for things like stacking games. As well as larger toys that don't need to be in bins.


More Ideas for Toy Organization

Here's a little trick I mention in my pantry organizing post.  An Over the door organizer is great for small toys that you want up off the floor.

The clear ones are neat as your child can see exactly what's in it when trying to decide what to play with.

This works very well for everything from action figures and dolls to stuffed animals and more.


There are several main objectives to having an organized kids bedroom.

  • One- Of course so the house looks clean and tidy.
  • Two- So your child can find where everything is when he/she wants to play.
  • Three- To help your child pick up after themselves. When you show your kids that everything has a place, they're more likely to put their toys back where they go. (Yes, this does take some work and teaching to implement. But speaking as a mom of four, trust me, it's totally possible!)

Colorful plastic toys in children room


How to Store Toys Long Term

So you might not agree with me on this one, but I don't really believe in storing toys long term. Unless of course you have something that is collectible, in which case it really isn't a toy, it's a collectible!

But storing toys long term doesn't make much sense to me.

If  you have multiple children and want to pass toys down, that's fine. Then the toy goes from one room to another.

But for the most part, you can sell or donate toys and then repurchased if the need arises.

I mean, I'm okay with storing a bin of toys in the garage if you have a child who will be interested in the items soon.

But I don't think it's a good idea to hold on to items for years and years rather than passing them along to others who can use them.

That's just my personal opinion.

I hope you've enjoyed this post on How to Organize Toys- Hacks You Need to Know.

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