Summer is a fun time when everyone likes to escape from the norm, get out and about and do a little traveling. But what if taking a nice vacation isn't really in your budget this year?

Want to get the kids out of the house but don't have a lot of money? Then you've got to check out this list of things to do on the cheap!

You can actually plan a cheap summer trip that, while it won't be Disney World, will give your family a break from the day to day norm and create some special memories.


Look For Farmer's Markets in Surrounding Towns

While going to the Farmer's Market might seem like the norm, every town's Market is a bit different. Taking off for the day and visiting one that's a few miles away (even 20-30 miles) will get everyone out of the house and  let you experience a different variety of products from another area. Oh and going for a nice drive is always fun, too!

Visit Lakes and Rivers

When it's hot outside, nothing feels better than wading in a creek, swimming in a lake or river. Hop on the computer and look up a few, then maybe choose one you've never visited before and take a trip there. I always make sure I check safety issues, and things like seeing if there's a bathroom nearby (kids, people!). Just pack a lunch and fill up the gas tank, and you have yourself a cheap summer trip that everyone will enjoy!

Visit Main Street

In our town we have a fabulous main street with quaint shops, restaurants, and the best little ice cream parlor around. Even when cash is low, you can probably  scrape up enough for an ice cream cone for everyone, and take a walk and stroll downtown. We like to window shop and stop and check out what the stores have to offer, even though we might not be in the market to buy that day. The kids like to plan for the holidays and their birthdays!


These are just a few cheap summer trips you can plan to get your family out of the house and take a break this summer, hope they've given you a few good ideas!

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