Summer is here and if you're doing much driving at all, you'll need to prepare your car for summer travel. Whether you're going on a long road trip or just enjoying the activities in your area, you want your car to be ready to go and running well.

These tips on how to prepare your car for summer travel are a must-read if you're planning a road trip anytime soon! Summer Travel|road trip|prepare your car|vacation planning

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One of the worst things that could happen on a road trip is to have car troubles. When you're on vacation and supposed to be having fun, dealing with car problems will put a damper on the fun really quickly.

So by double (and triple) checking a few things before you head out on your adventure, you're setting yourself up for an enjoyable and problem-free road trop.

These are a few ways you can prepare your car for summer travel.

Be sure to check:


If you're like me, you need that air conditioning working and working well in the summer. Make sure you visit your local dealer and have them double check that it's in working order and ready to keep you cool during your travels.

All Fluid Levels

This includes Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Oil, and even the Wiper Fluid. If you know your way around a car you can certainly check these yourself. If not, there are plenty of good service centers who can do it for you.


Make sure your tires are performing well. Check the wear, the air, and see if they need replacing. I recommend taking them in having them rotated regularly as well as checking your tire balance.


Safety is always first priority and safety features should be checked out regularly, especially before a road trip. Have your brakes checked out, and make sure your airbags are in working order.


This might seem like a no brainer, but sometimes it's easy to forget to have the engine thoroughly checked out.  Check spark plugs, air filters and test your battery.

So there you have it, the best tips we know to prepare your car for summer travel. Know of any we should add to the list? Leave a comment below and let us know!