If you are looking into selling your home this year, or you simply want to freshen it up and make it more family friendly for your loved ones, there are a lot of things you can do. When selling a home in particular it is always good to do things which will increase the value of your home, and this is what we are going to talk about today. Here are some of the top ways to increase the value of your home this year ready for sale.


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Curb Appeal

You might not realize it when you are inside your house all of the time, but the front door and the whole entryway of your home gives off a lot of impressions to people. If you are looking to make your home feel welcoming and modern one of the things you need to make sure that you do is clean up the front of the house. This can include getting a new front door, cleaning the driveway and tidying up the front garden. All of these things will make a big difference to your home and bring up the value right away.


Light And Bright

Everyone wants to be able to live in a home which feels big, bright and spacious. This is why it can be a great idea for you to invest in larger windows and more windows to the home this year. Not only this, but you can also think about rearranging your home to make it feel brighter and to let more light into the space. All of these things can have a great effect on your home and it’s value.


Garage Conversion

The garage can be a part of the house which is often neglected and a lot of the time we can end up with a garage which is covered in dust with no use to it at all. However the good news is that you can change this and bring the garage into the rest of the house this year. A garage can make a great gaming room, home gym or something similar and it can add a lot of value onto your home.


New Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart and the soul of the house and it is the one place where everyone can get together and enjoy a meal at the end of the day. If our kitchen is looking worse for ware this year it is a good idea for you to upgrade it and look into stripping out some of your old cupboard doors and other features in favor of new ones. A new kitchen will cost a little bit of money but it will be more than worth it with the value it adds to the home.


Loft Conversion

If you have a loft space in your house, which many of us do, it has likely become a bit of a dumping ground for your things and your Christmas decorations. But a loft can be much more than a storage space and you can make it into an office, a bedroom or even your family bathroom. Think about what you can do with the space and play around with the colors and style. Treat this like any other room in the house and fit flooring and wallpaper and make it feel like a real place.



One of the easiest ways to add a lot of value into your home is to extend the house and make it bigger. When people look for a house they always want as many rooms and as much space as they can, and you can give that to them easily by extending out. By adding two extra rooms to the house you can add a ton of value and you’ll be able to sell on for a great profit.



A lot of people enjoy the idea of being able to sit outside in their conservatory during the summer and the winter to enjoy the sunlight and watch wildlife. If you have the space to bring a small conservatory to your garden this can be a huge draw for a lot of people and it can be a great way to add value to the house. If you can add some lovely French windows and doors and make the area feel like part of the house, it will attract a lot of people who will be able to see themselves enjoying the view and the sunlight throughout the year from here.