There’s one thing that mothers in their third trimesters have in common, and it’s the incessant need to nest. Some women love to clean and tidy, others like to paint and decorate. Either way, there’s that common thing that they all want to wash and clean as much as possible before the baby comes. Babies aren’t easy to deal with and if you’ve been living in a plush, two-bedroom apartment in the city, you suddenly see your home as an unfriendly environment to raise a newborn in.

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Every mother gets a home ready in a different way, because what works for one mother won’t work for another. There are a lot of ‘rules’ that you’ll find when you need to bring a baby home. Some of these rules will dictate that you knock down a wall to create more space, and others will tell you that all a baby will need is love. Well, while that is true, it’s also going to be true that you will scour the best furniture store for the best, safest baby furniture money can buy. You’ll also be setting up the nursery and getting everything ready for the big arrival. So, what do you really need to know before the baby comes?

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The most important thing in the nursery is the changing table. Not the crib, not the wardrobe with all the tiny clothes, but the changing table. You’ll always have the basket of supplies in the living room, but you need to ensure that you have a changing station in the nursery all set up and ready. Believe me, you’ll be thanking yourself when those first baby diapers fill right up!

Organise the baby closet by size. You could have bought a range of new baby sizes for clothes, but you may not actually get to use any of those tiny sizes if the baby is a big one. Organisation in the closet is key, so that you’re not rooting through baskets of clothing when you have a squalling and cold baby to handle.

You can choose not to buy new. If you have a friend offering to sell you their rocking chair for a steal, take that offer. New furniture is beautiful, but the cot is the most important new item that you need and a padded rocking chair can be bought second hand.

Tidying as you go is a nice thought, but it’s just a thought. You need to really look into the right storage solutions, and baskets and drawers are the best option here. You want to be able to keep things as organised as possible, and this isn’t always easy when there’s a tiny baby to look after.

Your home is about to get a shock. A new person is moving in and they come with a lot of stuff. Get organised now and you’re going to be able to stay on top of it the best you can. Congratulations on your new bundle; it’s an adventure!