With such a plethora of kitchen tools and gadgets out there today, how do you decide what's really necessary? I usually get kitchen gadgets that help with specific tasks, like kitchen utensils and kitchen tools that help with kitchen organization.

I thought why not make it easy to find the best kitchen gadgets by creating a post about the top 10 kitchen gadgets every kitchen needs.

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So here you go!

The Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets You Need

Apple Slicer/Corer/Cutter

This makes it so much easier when cutting apples for the kiddos. I like this apple slicer because it has as comfortable silicone grip. It also comes with a free orange peeler and a lifetime warranty!

Vegetable Slicer

Make veggie spaghetti easily with this slicer. This is one of those cool kitchen gadgets that will have your kids even wanting to help cook because it's so fun to use. Plus it can help you all eat healthier, the kids will be more inclined to try out the swirly creations they helped mommy make.

Silicone Kitchen Tongs

Helpful for picking up just about anything in the kitchen but especially when you're cooking fried foods. Also great for tossing salads. Just an all around must have kitchen gadget for any kitchen. Plus you can choose your colors: Red, Gray/Black or Teal.

Egg Mold Fried Egg Cooker

We love fried eggs at our house, but honestly I would have never thought of using a fried egg mold when making them . This is one of those unique kitchen tools that although it might not be a necessity, it's just plain fun! My kids would be so excited to have their egg delivered in a heart, star or flower shape. Heck even the round one is neat, because how many times have you cooked an egg that has actually turned out perfectly round? (I'm guessing never?!)

Table Runner and Trivets

These kitchen accessories are great for anytime, but perfect for the holidays! When I ran across this I thought it was super neat and something I'm going to look into getting myself. Holiday time we usually just use hot pads along the middle of our table for all the hot dishes, but this heat resistant table runner would be so much simpler. It not only protects your furniture but it's stylish and comes in a variety of colors and patterns as well.

Cupcake Display Stand

This tree tower cupcake display is one of the best kitchen gadgets ever because it has so many uses. Yes of course it can be used for cupcakes. But also when guests are over for the holidays, you can use it to put out cookies, sandwiches, veggies and more. Being it has four tiers it will allow you to put out more food while saving counter space.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Drink more water by making it taste better with this Hydracy fruit infuser water bottle. I've tried getting the jars to sit on the counter to fill with water and fruit hoping it will encourage my family to drink more water, but honestly the huge jugs didn't work well for us. The first cup or so would be fine, then I'd forget about the fruit and by the second cup it was too strong. And it was another big thing to have to clean. So these smaller bottles that do the same thing but only a little at a time and that are much easier to keep clean really appeal to me.

Pineapple Slicer/Corer

If you eat pineapple at all you need one of these. I seriously don't know how we ever ate pineapple without it, it saves so much prep time! Plus the slices come out so perfect, this pineapple slicer is a must have if your family eats pineapple for sure.

Ice Cream Scoop

This stainless steel ice cream scoop has a non-slip rubber grip. It has a lifetime guarantee and is sure to become your next favorite go-to kitchen gadget if your family loves ice cream as much as mine!


Kitchen Scissors

From cutting everything from veggies to meat, a good pair of kitchen scissors are your best friend in the kitchen. They make prep time so much easier and faster. I use this kitchen utensil when cooking pasta with chicken, I can simply cut the chicken right over the pan, no cutting board needed. Makes for a much easier clean up as well.

Okay so I know I said the top 10 kitchen gadgets, but I have to add a couple more as they are must-haves in my own kitchen and I couldn't leave them out!

Wooden Spoons

If you don't know much about Italian families, let me tell you…wooden spoons are for more than just cooking. One glance of your mom or grandma waving that wooden spoon in the air and you'd better listen up and do what you're told quick, fast and in a hurry!

But seriously, I've always used wooden spoons in my kitchen, probably more than any other tool actually. Right now I have these Pioneer Woman wooden spoon and turner set and love it, it's high quality and made really well. But there are a plethora of other brands out there as well and most work just fine.


Knife Set

When it comes to knife sets, you can spend a little or you can spend a lot, depending on the brand and the quality. I kind of go mid-range here as I don't want the cheapest set out there (because it probably won't work very well) but I also don't want to  spend hundreds of dollars on knives (not like I'm a professional chef or anything!). This knife set is the one I currently have and I like it a lot.

Even More Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

Kitchen Aid has an extensive assortment of tools and gadgets and is a brand I trust. From baking tools, health tools and pasta tools to cleaning tools and food prep gadgets, they pretty much have everything you need for your kitchen.

Kitchen Utensils for Cooking

This 17 piece kitchen tool and gadget set has the basic tools you need for cooking. It comes in black or red and is a really great price, get your kitchen gadgets on sale here.

Pizza Cutter

I don't know about your family but in my house a good pizza cutter is an absolute must-have! We Italians love our pizza for sure, LOL! This one is constructed of rust-resistant stainless steel and is sturdy and made to cut well.


Another thing you need in your kitchen for baking, mixing and scraping. You can't beat these silicone spatulas with bamboo handles. These ones come in teal and black but there are also other options in the Kitchen Aid Store.

Food Chopper

These are great for cutting small things like nuts, small veggies and fresh herbs. You can use a cutting board for chopping or chop with the lid on and lessen your mess since you can transfer it right to the pan or container. This food chopper comes in black, red or white and is fairly inexpensive.

Cookie Dough Scoop

My girls love to bake chocolate chip cookies (they just happen to be my favorite!) so this cookie dough scoop would be a neat addition to our kitchen. I'm actually putting it on my list of things to get now! It's made of durable stainless steel and has comfortable, soft grip handles. Here's the clincher…you can use it for more than just cookie dough! Create melon balls with your favorite fruit, and even make meatballs with this little baby!

Unusual Kitchen Gadgets


Stuffed Burger Press

This will not only help you make the perfect patty every single time with this stuffed burger press, but will help you make them stuffed as well! You can use it indoors or grilling outdoors. And get a FREE Stuffed Burger Recipe Book with your order, how cool is that?!

Meat Tenderizer Hammer Mallet

Not sure if anybody uses these anymore but I have one and still use my meat mallet, mostly for thinning out my chicken breasts. It works well…sometimes a little too well…I've actually made a few huge dents in my wooden cutting board over the years!

Potato Masher

Same thing with a potato masher, most people these days either use instant potatoes or a mixer (My Kitchen Aid is my favorite!) but these can still be handy. I have one that was my mothers. We use ours when we make homemade strawberry jam to mash the berries and mix in the sugar.

Condiment Fork

So I thought this was interesting and not sure I would actually ever get one of these, but it's definitely an unusual kitchen gadget. If you don't like people using their fingers to grab pickles or dirtying extra forks, this condiment fork might be a cool kitchen gadget for you!

Cheese Slicer

While a cheese slicer may not be a very unusual kitchen gadget, I had never seen one like this before. The one I have has the handle to the side like this and can be hard to operate when you have a thick brick of cheese. I like that this one cuts from the top so you don't have to push as hard, protects your fingers and is dishwasher safe.

Well I hope this list of must have kitchen tools and gadgets that every kitchen needs has been helpful and given you ideas of what kitchen tools you might want to get for your own kitchen.

If you're looking for ideas to help you organize your kitchen, please see our Amazon recommendations below.

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These are must have kitchen tools and gadgets that every kitchen needs. I love it when I find cool kitchen gadgets and unique kitchen tools, these really are the top 10 kitchen gadgets every kitchen should have in my book! #kitchenideas #kitchengadgets #kitchentools #kitchen