A baby is a life-changing event, and the one thing that most parents look forward to – other than the arrival of the little one – is the way that they get to prepare their home ready for their homecoming. Those who are about to become parents for the very first time often prepare their homes really early on, but there isn’t a right time during those nine months to get things ready. It’s more important that you prepare yourselves for the baby about to make a massive entrance in your life, so parents tend to focus on that first. There’s a little secret that you need to be let in on, though: there is no preparation for a baby that will stop the shock ahead of you!

get the house ready for a new baby

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A baby is a blessing, but if you let off a confetti bomb in a busy lounge, you’re going to have a surprise you didn’t know could change things so massively. The baby is the confetti bomb, making a huge entrance with a bang and not only do you have to prepare yourself, you need to prepare your house for the big arrival. The good thing is that you get the chance to pace yourself. Nine months is a long time on paper, but it’s not so long when you are going through pregnancy. One moment you’re being told you are with child and the next, you’re packing your hospital bag and are getting ready for the big show. It’s a comfort to know that your house is ready to go when you get back from the exertions of labor and meeting your baby earth side for the very first time. So, below you’ll find nine ways that you can get your house totally ready for the arrival of the newest member of your family.


List Repairs

Your home has been a haven for you both for some time, but that doesn’t mean it’s in the best possible shape that it could be. When you have a baby on the way, it’s imperative that you’re not living in a rundown shack of a house. You need to have a safe, warm, solid place for your baby to come home to. Grab a pad and a pen and make a list. Move from the top of the house to the bottom and start actively checking off those items that need fixing. Call in the experts at Wildwood to repair the tiles in the roof. Speak to the local plumbers to ensure that the leak in the bathroom that you’ve been meaning to fix is sorted out. The repairs that you need to make before the baby comes along will take some time, but you’ve got nine months to make sure that they are sorted out, which is why you should start right now.

Safety Exam

The moment your baby comes home isn’t the worry when it comes to safety at home – unless you’ve got broken stairs or floorboards, of course. A crawling baby doesn’t happen for a few months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get things sorted out right now. A baby grows very quickly, and time slips through your fingers, so don’t want to make your home safe when you have baby-free time to do it right now. Babies can become mobile practically overnight and so the broken window latches need fixing now. The cupboards in the kitchen need reorganizing so that the bleach is out of reach and you need to add locks on any cabinets that you don’t want little fingers getting into. Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms now, so that you don’t have to worry about it later on. This safety exam that you give your house should be done carefully so you don’t miss anything important out.

Guest Room

While you’re thinking about the visitors that you’ll receive after you’ve come home from the hospital, think about getting the guest room cleaned early. Leave fresh sheets in an ottoman at the foot of the bed and ask guests to make up their own beds when they arrive to give you a break. Stock up on the things that you’d need for a guest, such as toiletries and an extra fan, and you can rest assured that while you’re in the early days of looking after your baby, you don’t have to panic about your guests’ comfort.

get our house ready for a new baby

Clean Queen

Nesting is the perfect time to give your home the deep clean of your life. Nesting is the process of cleaning everything in site ready for the baby, but while you’re there think about the germy red zones of the house. Door handles, cupboard handles, light switches, faucets and their handles, kitchen sinks, toilets – all of these places (and more) are the germiest ones in the house. Cleaning these and sanitizing everything is going to count the most when you bring a newborn baby back home from the hospital. While you won’t always sanitize everything, the first few days are crucial for a new baby. Keep sanitizing wipes in each room so that the main areas can be wiped down easily whenever someone is in the room.

Laundry Room

Your laundry situation in the house needs to be on top of when you go into labour, so rope your partner in to help you with that so that you come home to a house that doesn’t have a hamper of clothes waiting to go. Your house should be a tidy place to be when you bring your baby back from the hospital so that you can go into parenthood calm, relaxed and feeling centred. Babies are a big deal, but they tend to get in the way when you’re breastfeeding around the clock! Washing the baby clothes, sheets and blankets ahead of time is just good sense, and it means you can grab cleaned clothing when you need it.

The Nursery

Renovating a spare room into a nursery is a big job, especially if you’re going to be repainting and possibly laying new flooring. It’s always a good idea to have hardwood or laminate flooring in a nursery along with a large rug for comfort. I know, you’re probably thinking that thick, luxurious carpet is softer and more in-keeping with the theme of the room. Until you pick up a baby that has reflux and pukes all over your floor. A hardwood floor is much easier to wipe clean. Setting up the dressers and the cot now is easier than doing it later, and make sure that you have the other crib in your bedroom, as that is where baby will be for the first six months of their life. Bring in professional decorators if you don’t have the time or the energy to paint a nursery.

get your house ready for a new baby


While you’re preparing your house for the baby to come home, you get the perfect opportunity to cast a critical eye over the entire place and decide to thin down your things. Do you really need the coffee machine? Yes, because you’re about to have a baby and coffee is life. Do you really need to have a microwave on the counter? Probably not. Decluttering your space and making it as tidy as possible can make your entire home look beautiful. A baby brings in enough paraphernalia, so getting rid of the things that you don’t use is an essential.

Storage Wars

It is essential that you free up some space for the baby things, and that means emptying out your closets and cupboards and making room for baby clothes, spare diapers and enough baby wipes to clean a van caked in mud. It goes along with decluttering your things but remember that your baby will need clothes – and lots of them. Babies puke, and poop, and they grow quickly, and it’s al of these things that mean that they need clothes in a variety of sizes. Be careful about buying clothes in tiny baby sizes though; you could give birth to a bigger baby and have no use for them.

Downstairs Prep

If you’re going to be spending a lot of your day on the sofa feeding, you need to prepare a basket of baby things within arms reach so that you can change diapers, mop baby sick and grab wipes as you need them. Keep spare outfits, sleepsuits, blankets, muslin cloths, bibs and even medicines in the box, so that when you are stuck and can’t run up to the nursery, you have everything to hand. There should also be blankets and comforters on the sofa, for those times your baby is asleep in your arms and you get chilly.

These nine ways to prepare your house will go a long way to making you feel prepared and ready for parenthood. You won’t be able to imagine life without a baby once they arrive, but you can imagine what it’ll be like to have a clean and tidy house again. One day. In a few years. Congratulations on the new baby!