If you're a first time parent, you might be asking yourself what do you need in a nursery? Luckily we've made a nursery room essentials list so you can not only see what you need, but also to help you find those must-have nursery items.

white and grey baby nursery room essentials

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One of the biggest essentials when planning a nursery is having a theme. You can find Baby Nursery Themes that are geared more for newborn boys or newborn girls, but there are also gender neutral options that would work for either.


Nursery Ideas for Boys

There are a plethora of options when it comes to how to set up a nursery room for a baby boy.  You'll want to include the nursery essentials, which of course means you get to start buying baby furniture!


What does a nursery room actually need?

There are a few must-haves when it comes to baby nursery furniture.

  • Crib
  • Dresser
  • Changing Table
  • Storage


The style of furniture you purchase really depends on the type of nursery you want to have for your newborn boy.

If you like baby boy nursery ideas that are more modern, consider something like the nursery pictured below.baby boy modern nursery including crib and room decor

You might also consider unique baby boy nursery themes such as a Superhero Nursery or Disney Character Themed Nursery. Have a look at the examples below (you can click on the picture to check it out further or purchase).


Disney Nursery
nursery essentials including Disney Dumbo accessories and decor


nursery room ideas including Disney's Finding Nemo Room decor




Nursery essentials including crib, changing table, dresser and Disney's Lion King bedding and accessories



Nursery Ideas for Girls

If you're looking for inspiration for your newborn baby nursery, Pinterest is a great place to start. It's full of nursery ideas for baby girls, and you can easily create a board to save all of your favorite baby room ideas for your darling little one.

Even though ideas are everywhere, we've decided to give you a few examples of creative ways to design a baby room when you're expecting a girl.


Unique Girl Nursery Themes

Baby nursery furniture sets are a good choice in a girl's room if you want everything matching. For example, if you like farmhouse style, having a crib, dresser, changing table and rocking chair all in white or grey would be great if you wanted to create a farmhouse nursery.

Add in a little farmhouse decor and wa-la, you have a unique baby nursery idea!farmhouse style baby nursery ideas

A Glam Nursery is another option. You could have a metal crib, a glamorous baby nursery set of bedding, and of course don't forget the chandelier!

Accessorize with all things sparkly and shiny, including glam wall decor.


glam nursery ideas including metal crib and glam wall decor




How about a Pink & Blue Nursery theme with Nautical decor? I thought this one from Walmart was super cute!


Pink and blue nautical nursery, white crib and nautical decor


Neutral Nursery Ideas

Maybe you've decided to not find out the sex of your baby, in which case you're looking for baby room themes that are gender neutral. There really are a lot of options.

Nursery ideas that are unisex usually mean that the colors are going to be more gender neutral colors. Along with the typical green, yellow and brown that you normally see in a baby nursery, also consider using white, black, grey, and red.

You can also use a theme that any boy or girl would love. Aside from colors, animals are a great option as most are fitting for either boys or girls. Nature is another selection that works well for a newborn nursery.


Nursery Room Ideas

Here are some examples of unisex nursery ideas:


Grey and White Nursery

White rocking chair with pillow in the middle of cozy baby room interior with wooden cradle, industrial white lamp and poster in frame on the empty grey wall



Green Nursery

baby nursery room with white crib, green walls and gender neutral decor


White Nursery

Interior of modern baby room


Gender Neutral Nursery Wall Decor

Woodland Nursery  wall decor is a great option for both boys and girls. You can find a very good selection of nursery wall art on Etsy like the ones below from Lila & Lola, aren't they the sweetest?!woodland nursery wall art for baby


Safari Wall Art is another great alternative for baby nursery wall decor. From lions and hippos to zebras and monkeys, there's something every baby will love!

safari wall art for baby nursery room



If you love farmhouse style, farm animal wall art is the perfect choice for your nursery design. Again, Etsy is one of the best places to find cute nursery wall art with animals.

farm animal wall art baby nursery room ideas



More Nursery Room Essentials


Newborn Clothing– Trust me when I say less is more. Although they come home tiny, they don't stay that way for long. I had a closet full of newborn clothing then had a 10 lb 11 oz baby who couldn't even wear some of the outfits! And the ones he did wear, he didn't wear them for very long and he was in the next size up!

Diaper Changing Station– You'll want this chock full of diapers, baby wipes, ointment and the like.

Trash/Diaper Genie– Because, yeah, lots of dirty diapers!

Receiving Blankets– Nowadays there are actual swaddling blankets, but back in my day, just plain old receiving blankets did the trick.

Burp Cloths– Wanna know what makes a great burp cloth? (Or burp rag as we used to call them.)  An old fashioned cloth diaper. (New ones of course!)

Toys– This might not be an essential right out of the gate, but you'll no doubt have stuffed animals, rattles and the like ready and waiting for your little one.

Baby nursery ideas including toys and rattles


 Helpful Nursery Ideas & Tips


Secure Furniture to Wall

Make sure furniture is securely fastened to the wall- shelving, dressers, etc. Especially large, heavy items. This is crucial as before you know it, your baby will be trying to walk. And babies will use anything to try and pull themselves up. You don't want an opened dresser drawer to become dangerous.


Incorporate Storage

Think of as the baby grows, you won't want to totally redesign the room every few months. Make sure you have enough storage including a toy box or at least a small basket for baby rattles and stuffed animals in the very beginning.


Make it Functional

A baby nursery room is not just a place for the baby to sleep. It's also where mom or dad can feed and rock the baby to sleep. Having a rocking chair, glider, or a comfy chair to sit in will be a lifesaver, trust me. You want to make sure the nursery has everything you need when your baby arrives.

Grey rocking chair in baby nursery

We hope this post has given you some good information on what nursery room essentials a baby's room actually needs.


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