on the road driving tips

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For the most part, driving is about two things:


  • Getting from A to B as efficiently as possible, and…
  • Being the safest driver you can possibly be


These, of course, are the basic requirements that cannot be overlooked – but there are other elements to driving that are well worth considering. Even if you’re not a “car person”, driving can be a genuinely enjoyable experience – something that you actually look forward to and find pleasant, as much a hobby as something you have to in life. Given that you’re going to have to drive anyway, it makes sense to try and ensure that the time you spend behind the wheel is as pleasurable as it can possibly be.


If you like the idea of enhancing your experience of the school run or your commute to work, here are a few ideas for ways to dramatically improve your driving experience…


#1 – Carry sunglasses in your car


All cars tend to have visors built in, which are designed to protect your eyes from bright sunlight – but let’s be realistic: they don’t work. The best they can do is deflect the sunlight so it’s slightly less inconvenient, but your view will be obstructed as a result. This is simply not conducive to a pleasant driving experience, so swap the next-to-useless visor and instead opt to carry UV-blocking sunglasses in your vehicle at all times.


#2 – The perfect in-car fragrance


Anyone who has ever owned a vehicle has likely had an air freshener of some kind, but conventional air fresheners tend to be more trouble than they’re worth. The sickly synthetic smell of chemicals is far from relaxing, and even if you do find one that you like, it’ll lose its fragrance in a week.


However, there’s no denying a pleasantly-scented vehicle provides a more pleasant driving experience, so make the switch to high-quality air fresheners such as those supplied by aromatech. By using air fresheners that only use the best essential oils, you can be sure of a continually pleasant fragrance that will keep you smiling while out on the road.


#3 – Driving gloves


Yes, driving gloves may seem incredibly old-fashioned, but there’s still an argument for keeping a pair to hand. For example, we have all experienced the horror of stepping into a vehicle that has been sitting in the sun for too long; every surface can be painful to the touch – but driving gloves help to ensure you can get on your way without having to wait for the steering wheel to cool down. Additionally, driving gloves will also give you a better grip on the wheel, which is ideal if you frequently drive roads with a high number of twists and turns.


In conclusion


Safety and efficiency are always the most important considerations on the road, but there’s no reason that driving can’t also be genuinely enjoyable. By implementing the tips above, you should be able to enhance your driving experience and truly come to enjoy the hours you spend on the road!