Summer is the time that all kids like to be outdoors all day playing, am I right?

Not at my house! And if your house is anything like mine, then you might be having the same issues.

With all the technology we have now, between video games, computers, iPads, cell phones, and more, getting the kids away from it all and outdoors can be a challenge.

So we've done a little investigating and came up with a few outdoor games to keep kids entertained this summer.

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Fun Air Scoop Ball

My kids love to play this and I love it because it doesn't require any set up and you can get started playing right away. They play this with each other but like it best when mom and dad take part in the game.

Giant Bowling Set

The biggest thing I'd be worried about here is my kids constantly kicking that huge ball over the fence and having to go chase it down every 5 minutes, ha ha!


Ladder Ball Target Toss

We had one of these and my kids love it. After years in the garage, ours finally broke and so we're in the market for a new one ourselves. I love that it's easy to set up. It also stores quite well as it's easy to take apart.

Bean Bag Toss

I've always loved a good bean bag toss, from the time I was young. There's something about holding those squishy bean bags in my hands…they're almost therapeutic I think! This set comes with a ring toss game too so you're getting two games at one great price.

Sidewalk Chalk

My kids are artists, they all love to draw. So giving them sidewalk chalk and setting them loose in the driveway will keep them busy for hours! Their favorite thing is to draw a picture or write a welcome home message for dad to see in the driveway when he gets home from work.

Badminton Set

Okay so I just learned not to long ago that I have been saying this word wrong ALL MY LIFE. Badminton (or as I've been saying, Badmitton) was a family favorite when I was growing up. We'd set up a net in the back yard and the whole family would play for hours. Luckily we had a few huge shade trees, my kids don't have that luxury. But still, in the late afternoon when we have a little shade in the back yard, it's a really fun game. We love to laugh as we take turns missing the birdie altogether and looking ridiculous.

Pool Games

Although swimming itself isn't a game, you can play fun games in the pool. My kids love to race each other swimming across the pool, either dog paddling or swimming on their backs. One of our favorite games is just to dive for a penny that mom or dad will throw for them. Or you can pick up diving sticks or rings relatively cheaply. They are definitely safer if you have young children.

I hope these outdoor game to keep kids entertained this summer will help you occupy your sweet ones so they will get outdoors more and hopefully mama can get some work done. But don't forget to take time out and enjoy your precious gifts, the work will still be there when you get back. 🙂

What outdoor games are favorites in your family? Share them with us in the comments!


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