When you have kids, it's always a smart choice to have an auto emergency bag. But the question is, just what exactly should you pack in it?

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Let's face it, having kids means that you always need to be prepared. Whether you're going on a long road trip or just headed to the store, there are a few things that I recommend always having on hand just in case.


What you should pack in your auto emergency bag if you have kids

First off, get the bag! An auto emergency bag can really be anything from a reusable shopping bag to a small, kids suitcase. Even a backseat car organizer works.  Just a place to keep everything you need altogether.

Band Aids and Ointment

Kids get scrapes and scratches all too easy. Making sure you have ointment and bandages on hand will not only help them feel better (how many times have you said that a Band Aid will make it all better?) but can stop infection as well. Of course having a first aid kit is highly recommended and usually comes with both of these things.

Car Sick Medication

It's always a good idea to have motion sickness medication on hand when traveling, especially long distance trips. There are also different alternatives available, be sure to read more about the best car sick remedies for kids.

Wet Ones

And lots of them! Sticky fingers, snotty faces, and stuck on food. Good old Wet Ones are a moms best traveling companion! I like them because you can also easily pack them in your purse when heading into a store or restaurant if you get either the singles or the 20 count pack. The canister is best for using in the car I think.


It never fails…someone gets muddy or wet, spills, etc. and you have absolutely no way to clean it up. I always have at least one towel in my van just in case of an emergency. And believe me, it's come in handy more than once. (Like the time my son decided to spin super fast on a tire swing right after drinking chocolate milk…I'm sure you get the picture!)

Hand towels are great for bringing along but I usually carry a bath sized towel as well just in case. Old pool towels make great car towels. Or if you want something you can just toss after use, consider getting Kleenex disposable hand towels.


Okay so having snacks in the car might not be a true emergency but trust me, if you've ever traveled with a hungry toddler, I think you'd see things my way. Plus think about this: There have actually been cases of people getting stranded in their vehicles who survived off of what little snacks they had brought along with them. True story.

I hope these tips about What You Should Pack in Your Auto Emergency Bag if You Have Kids have been helpful and given you some ideas about what to have on hand when traveling with children.

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