Traveling with young kids is always an adventure, especially when riding in a car. I know for me, I'm grateful for any tips and tricks I can pick up, but especially ones that help with the process of packing.

Traveling with little ones can be hard, especially when it comes to packing. These tips will really help!

Here are a few packing tips for your vacation with young kids that I hope you'll find helpful.


Don't over pack. I know, easier said than done, right? There is, however, only so much room in the car, so you really do have to keep your luggage to a minimum. Plus when you think about it, chances are you can find almost anything you might have forgotten at a local store in the area you're headed to, so if you happen to forget something, it's not too big of a deal.


Bag it. Each child has a plastic Ziploc bag for each day of the vacation. Put all of their clothing for each day in one bag- pants, shirt, socks, underwear (everything but shoes). This will not only help keep things more organized but will allow them to easily find their clothes to dress themselves every day.


Let them pick their favorites. When it comes to toys and activities to bring along, young kids tend to want to bring everything! But again, that puts us right back to the issue of space and how limited it is. Let your child know that they can't bring everything, this is a vacation and there is going to be plenty to do to keep them busy, but they can pick their favorite toy and activity for the trip.


Just by following these simple tips, I trust that packing for your vacation with young kids just got a little easier.


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