When I received the opportunity to try out Peekaboos Ponytail Hats, I was excited. Both of my youngest daughters wear their hair in a ponytail quite often, if not daily. And I'm a stickler for my kids wearing hats in the fall and winter (it does get cold here in Oregon, and definitely wet!) so a good hat is a must.

But trying to put a hat on over a ponytail is, well…a challenge, to say the least. Who wants to walk around with a lump on the back of their head, not to mention, it doesn't feel very comfortable.

I absolutely love these stylish hats, and they work great with a ponytail, too!

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To start off with, the color couldn't have been better as it matched my daughter's jacket perfectly. Not that they knew that, we were just lucky there.

As you can see in the photo below, the hat is made really well. The fibers are nice and thick, and it really does keep your head warm. It's made from non-itch acrylic yarn, and is washable (yay!).

These hats are great to wear with ponytails, my daughter just loves hers! It really keeps your head warm!


But you're not going to have to sacrifice quality for style with Peekaboos Ponytail Hats, because they are definitely stylish. My daughter wears hers even on days that she isn't wearing her hair in a ponytail because she really likes the way it looks and feels.

And you know kids, if they don't like something they absolutely won't wear it, so I know she really does like it!

These hats work well with a ponytail and they keep your head really warm...plus they're super cute!


So I wanted to see if this hat would really live up to its name and work well with a ponytail.  I was skeptical at first because everyone wears their ponytail differently…some like it really high on their heads (like my middle daughter), and some wear it lower, almost at the base of the neck (my youngest daughter usually wears hers like this).

Here's what Peekaboos Ponytail Hats look like with a low ponytail.

What a cute hat, love that it can be worn with a ponytail!


And here's what they look like with a high ponytail.

I love that this hat can be worn even with a ponytail...so stylish!


As you can see, these hats work great with either type of ponytail!

I was also concerned because of the fact that to allow a ponytail to come through the hat, there would obviously have to be holes. But when you're not using the ponytail function, the holes aren't even noticeable, the fabric squeezes together and it's almost as if they're not there at all. The openings are actually hidden, both high and low.

Such a cute hat! Stylish and includes openings for your ponytail, how cool is that?!


No matter how my daughter decides to wear her hair this winter, I know that her head will be warm thanks to Peekaboos Ponytail Hats!

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Be sure to get one for your daughter, for yourself, or for anyone in your life who loves to wear a ponytail!

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