If you're still trying to figure out how to decorate your home for fall, you're in the right place!

While decorating can be fun, it can also be a little stressful if you're not sure how to decorate or what kind of items to use.

Unless you're a professional decorator (which I will be the first to admit I totally am not!) it always helps to hear ideas and see what other people are doing.

Sometimes we'll find something we love that we want to replicate, while other times it will spark decorating ideas and we can create our own version of what we've seen.

So we're here to help!

We've uncovered a few tips and tricks that are sure to bring out your inner Joanna Gaines and have your house ready for the season in no time!

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Let's start off by talking about  indoor fall decorations. We've separated our list a bit to help you come up with ideas for a few main living spaces such as the living room, dining room, entryway and kitchen.

Indoor Fall Decorating Ideas


Fall Entryway Decorating Ideas

Here are our best tips on how to decorate your entryway for fall.

Start with a focal point, which is typically a piece of furniture. This can be either a table or a bench. An entryway bench is quite popular (just take a looksie at Instagram if you don't believe me!)

In fact, it's what I have at my house and I really love it.

Don't mind the coffee mugs in this photo. No, I don't typically keep them there, I was setting up to take a pic for Instagram. 🙂


What's great about a bench is that you can find so many entryway bench ideas for fall decorating. It's super easy to add a little coziness to your entry by adding a few throw pillows on your bench.

Baskets are also great as they give your guests a place to store their gloves, hats and umbrellas. Or you can even use them for storing extra throw pillows!

Top it all off with a rug in front of your entryway bench and you have a perfect way to decorate your entryway for fall.


Entryway Organization Ideas

Maybe your entryway is always full of stuff and you'd really like to clean it up. This seems to be the case especially if you have children. Believe me, I know the feeling!

Some kid friendly entryway ideas include: Adding a coat rack and a shoe rack. This way when the kids get home, they can hang up their coats and put away shoes right away.


An entryway organizer could work well, depending on your needs and space availability.

There are a few options here.

Free standing entryway organizers are a piece of furniture large enough for  kids to store not only coats and hats, but backpacks, too! This was what I always wanted when my kids were young but alas, we just didn't have the space for it.

I recently saw an entryway makeover by The Design Twins and love what they did to their space!


Another thing that seems to work very well for keeping things organized is a hanging entryway organizer. As these are typically much smaller you won't fit a whole lot of stuff in here, but you can hang coats and purses. Some have cubbies that you can store items, or shelves where you can add a few fall home decor items.


If you have a large entryway and have the space, you might consider a command center to help keep things organized.

These are great for keeping kids paperwork and mail in order (and off the counter) and for hanging your keys.

There are many options, from bulletin boards and individual hooks and baskets to DIY family command centers you can even make yourself.

Of course you can always decorate your wall for fall by adding a few fall pictures or faux fall greenery.


Dining Room Fall Decor

The dining room is where families gather to enjoy good  and great company. There are a few things you can add to any dining room to give it an autumn feel.

Table Runner

If you want to add a pop of color to your dining room,  consider a fall table runner in a shade of yellow, red or orange. You could even go brown if you have a white or light colored table.


Did somebody say pumpkin spice? Fall candles are my absolute favorite way to decorate in the fall! I love the fall scents, it's like the house smells amazing all the time!

Fall Table Placemats

Here's a little secret…I don't like to spend a lot on placemats, as I have to replace them pretty regularly. This is my favorite place to get them, and where I usually buy mine not only for decorating in the fall, but all year long.

Fall Table Setting Ideas

Some people can change out their entire table setting every season. I always thought that would be fun, to have dishes in storage and switch them out when the seasons change (or whenever I felt like it).

But if you can't do that and still want to make a few small changes, consider getting new fall napkins in beautiful fall colors.

Heck, you could even get just the napkin rings and it would be something new!

Glasses are something else that are quite affordable, especially if you get them here. Adding a few new glasses for entertaining will help spruce up your dining room without breaking the bank.

Elegant Fall Centerpieces

These don't have to be expensive at all! In fact, you can create DIY Fall Centerpieces yourself with a little help from YouTube. Your kids could even help and maybe come up with even more fall decorating ideas!


Living Room Decor for Fall

There's nothing like a cozy living room. In the fall, we spend a lot of time just hanging out, watching movies and talking. Our living room is where we gather together the most.

Plus it's the first room visitors see when they enter our home. So I like to give it a little makeover for the season.

Here are some affordable ways to do that.

Throw Pillows

My favorite way to add fall flair to my living room is by switching to fall throw pillows.

And the great thing is, you don't have to necessarily buy new pillows!

Pillow covers are cheap fall decor ideas that are super easy to change out. Just cover an existing throw pillow with a new cover and wa-la, instant fall decor!


Okay so maybe there's a tie for my favorite fall decor pieces, because I love my fall throw blankets about as much as I love my pillows!

You can pick up throw blankets very inexpensively. We like to have a lot of them in our living room, so there's always enough for everyone to use.

My kids have their favorites, and if anyone else tries to use it, they hear about it! LOL!

Or if you have a  little money to spend, try a chunky knit blanket. They are so comfy, you won't regret this decorating decision!


Candle Holders

Candles aren't the only way to spruce up your space. Don't forget about candle holders too! There are so many cute fall themed candle holders that can go on a coffee table, end table or mantle.

Fall Coffee Table Decor

This is where it gets fun! Decorating a coffee table for fall is an easy way to change the look of your living room.

Here are a few Fall Coffee Table Decor Ideas


I could style trays for days! Whether it be wood, fabric, metal, wire or glass, adding pieces of decor to a tray is a stylish way to decorate for any season.

You can add things like wooden beads, lanterns, candles, flowers, greenery, and white pumpkins to your display.

There are such a wide variety of options here as trays come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes too. Such a fun way to decorate for fall!


Vases & Bottles

Fresh flowers in a vase on a coffee table are great in any season!

And old bottles are something that never go out of style! I have one that's a topaz yellow color that screams fall decor. Even though I didn't use it on my coffee table,  I brought it out of my china cabinet and displayed it on my kitchen counter. Yes old bottles work great in the kitchen, too.

Faux Leaves and Greenery

From sticks and pine cones to faux leaves and greenery, decorating for fall means you can bring the outdoors in.

Natural elements and earth tones are often used in fall decor. Styling leaves and greenery on a coffee table, either on a tray, in a dough bowl, a planter, or just on the table itself are great ways to garnish your home for the season.



Whether you use real books or Fall Themed Stacked Books like these, books are always a great addition to any room. And magazines too! They go just perfectly on a coffee table or even an end table, and not only add to your decor, but give your guests something to look at.

Fall Kitchen Decor

If you want to decorate your kitchen for fall, one thing I always do is think about things that can be changed out easily.

Some things are practical while others can be purely decorative, and that's okay!

Some items you could switch out for ones with fall colors and more of a fall theme are:


If you want to add some additional fall decor to your kitchen, consider these:

Fall Decorating Ideas for Outside

Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas for Doors and Porches

Decorating your Front Porch for fall is not only easy, it's super fun. Plus it doesn't have to cost a lot!

Consider adding a few of the following items:


Picking out a doormat is so much fun! They have so many different styles, colors and sayings.

I recently purchased this new doormat for our front door and love it. Honestly if I had the storage space, I'd have a stack of doormats and swap them out on a regular basis.

Have a look at some of the fall doormats we found below.

Oh and I just found this fall pumpkin doormat on sale at Kirkland's right now for 50% off! (Not sure how long this sale will last so if you love it, better hurry!)

Need even more ideas? Take a look at our Ultimate Doormat Guide here!


String Lights

If you have a covered porch, this is a neat option.

My dream is to have a covered wrap-around porch with a porch swing, side table and string lights hanging overhead.

There's something about fairy lights that give a cozy feeling, like a sit down and let's chat about life while cuddled under a blanket type thing.

And, they don't have to be expensive at all. You can actually find cheap fairly lights easily online.



I can't get enough signage. There are so many cute fall porch signs, there aren't enough porches in the world to hold all the ones I'd like to get! (Okay, maybe there are, but you get the picture!)

Signs are a must when it comes to fall porch decorating. Whether you choose a hello fall porch sign, harvest sign, happy fall ya'll sign, or even a more traditional welcome sign, porch signs for fall are a beautiful way to give your porch that autumn feel.


Who says you have to carve pumpkins to set them out on your porch? No way! Nothing screams fall home decor like pumpkins!

And no, they don't have to be orange, either! White pumpkins are super popular right now, and outdoor pumpkin decor is hot!

Just take a look at Instagram and you'll see a plethora of pumpkins on porch steps. People are using stacked pumpkins and even a pumpkin topiary. If you haven't seen this yet, go check it out, it's seriously cool!

Potted Plants

I'm smart enough to know my weaknesses, and gardening is one of them. So I will let my friends at The Spruce give you more information about The Best Plants for Fall Container Gardens.

I do know that plants and flowers can liven up any space, even in the fall. And if you're like me and don't have a green thumb, consider using faux plants. Some are so realistic looking, people might not even know the difference!


Fall Wreaths

We can't talk about fall home decor without mentioning wreaths!

Getting  Fall wreaths for a front door is a super easy way to garnish your porch for autumn.

Whether they are made of natural materials or are faux wreaths, they are equally beautiful. And if you're the crafty type, DIY fall wreaths are super popular right now. Many are fairly easy to do!

A few great places to get fall wreaths are Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Target, Kirkland's and Walmart.

Oh and we can't forget about Etsy! They have amazing fall wreaths for your front door, window or even the walls of your home!

Click on the picture below to find lots more porch ideas from the folks at Antique Farmhouse!

So you see, there are such a wide variety of fall home decor ideas you can implement, even on a budget. Shop sales, DIY home decor, and store seasonal items to reuse in the future.

Which of these Fall Decorating Ideas is your favorite and are you planning on implementing it this year? Leave us a comment below, we'd love to hear your thoughts!


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