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A staycation is a perfect way to enjoy a holiday without paying a fortune. Just hire an RV and hit the open road. You’ll get to see the country like never before, which is a real eye-opener! Yep, there’s nothing like a vacation in a recreational vehicle cruising down the highway.

Of course, it isn’t as easy as getting behind the wheel. An RV is a different way of life entirely, so it takes some getting used to and it won’t happen overnight. Thankfully, you can eliminate any nasty surprises by reading on.

These are the tips to help you travel RV style.

Change The Mattresses

You’re going to be sleeping in the van, which is why it’s essential to check out the bedrooms. Mostly, you don’t want it to be dingy or dirty. More than that, you should make sure the beds are up to scratch. Otherwise, no one will get a good night’s sleep and the whole vacation will be a bust. Family holidays are hard enough without everyone getting cranky! A mattress buyer’s guide can help, as can reviews. The best option is to ask friends with RVs what they do to stay comfortable on long trips. Their views are unbiased and on point.

Embrace The Noise

The Winnebago is small and there is no insulation. Also, four to five people are living in close quarters. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re not going to be able to get away from the noise. After all, kids are kids and no one wants to stop them from having fun. All you can do is embrace the din and not let it worry you too much. Yes, disturbing the neighbors isn’t fun yet they should understand. They go to campgrounds and parks, so they know it isn’t going to be peaceful!

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Practice Driving

Most people will be able to drive an RV without taking lessons or going on a course. That doesn’t mean it’s straightforward. If anything, it’s completely alien the first time you get behind the wheel because of the size and shape of the chassis. It just won’t turn or react like a normal car, which is why you should have a dry run. By the time you go on vacation, the prospect of hitting the open road won’t be as daunting. Don’t forget the insurance either in case there is an accident. You’ll need a separate policy than you one you normally have.

Have Fun

Family vacations aren’t enjoyable sometimes. Indeed, there are times when you would rather be back at work! The trick is not to let things get on top of you, which is easy in a small van. Get out of the RV as much as possible and pull over and take regular breaks if things are getting tough. Also, remember that cruising in a vehicle in the middle of nowhere is an adventure in itself.

Come on – if you can’t have fun in an RV, where can you enjoy yourself?