Safety is something that most of us take very seriously. So if you're planning a road trip with your family, it's worth it to sit down and chat about ways you can all stay safe.

Safety Tips For Your Next Road Trip


We've partnered with Reedman Toll Subaru to bring you these safety tips for your next road trip.


Always buckle up and use child restraints.


I know it can be hard if you're the parent of a strong-willed child who just doesn't want to do what they don't want to do! I get it, I've been there. But when it comes to safety, negotiation simply isn't an option.


Maybe your little one is old enough to have the dangers of not being in their child safety seat explained to them, and maybe they're not. But either way, the car doesn't leave the driveway until everyone is buckled in safely, period.



Use the buddy system.


You will no doubt have to make several stops for bathroom breaks, to get food and maybe just to stretch your legs a bit. But a great rule is that no one goes anywhere alone, ever.


We try to avoid rest stops if at all possible, but if it's necessary then we go as a family. But even if we stop at a restaurant to use the facilities and everyone doesn't have to go, I always make sure we go in two at a time. These days you just never know and although most places are fairly safe, I always feel better knowing no one is going in alone.



Prepare for the unexpected.


If having kids has taught me anything, it's to prepare for the unexpected. Because chances are, it might actually happen.


So when taking a road trip, always make sure you have everything you need for your car ‘just in case':


  • Fully inflated spare tire
  • Jumper Cables
  • Extra Jug of Water (overheated radiator, anyone?)
  • Full Tank of Gas
  • Tire Chains (if traveling in bad weather).



We hope these safety tips for your next road trip will help you prepare for your family adventure.