If you're like me you might be wondering how to save money on Christmas gifts this year. Sure, we love shopping and spoiling our loved ones, but it can sure add up quick! And one thing you don't want to do is go in debt just buying gifts for the holidays.

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I guess you can say I'm a bargain shopper. About two years ago, we had a really tight 7 or 8 years financially due to job loss (and the following job being about 1/2 of what we used to make). So frugal shopping was necessary,  I had to be pretty conservative when buying Christmas gifts.

Plus growing up in a family of seven living on one income, I learned early on about saving money. Well not really saving, because honestly there wasn't any to save…but finding other ways to come up with gifts (think homemade gifts) without spending much money.

In this post I've included ways to actually save money on Christmas gifts. This is both through changing your spending and buying habits and also finding sites that will help you save money by offering deals, lower prices and occasionally cash back or bonuses.


First things first: here are some ways you can save money on Christmas Gifts this year.


Scale Back on the Number of Gifts

This might seem super obvious, but sometimes we struggle with this one because it's not something we actually want to do. Most of us, whether we enjoy shopping or not, like giving gifts to our children, spouses, extended family and maybe even friends. Scaling back isn't our first choice, but it's the one that will save you the most money.

I think as parents especially it's so easy to go overboard at Christmas, especially if you don't really spoil your kids all year long. Maybe you think that Christmas is the time to make up for that. But in my experience, the more gifts the kids get, the less they appreciate (and play with!) them.

We've had no trouble keeping it under 10 gifts a piece (it's usually more like 6 or 7) in the last several years. And you know what? The kids are just fine with that, they are grateful and love what they get.

We decided that doing for our children shouldn't be all about one holiday. When they need things during the year, we don't usually put them off saying “maybe you'll get that for Christmas.” Okay occasionally if it's something that isn't a necessity that they want, I might slip that in. But we usually try and find a way to make it happen in a reasonable amount of time, whether they have to work for something they want, or wait awhile until we can purchase the item.

That way Christmas isn't all about getting all the stuff they have wanted and needed during the year. If we have the power to get stuff when the kids need or want it (again, not saying they get everything they want because they don't, but occasionally we'll treat them or let them work for something) but they aren't expecting a ton of stuff for Christmas that they've been waiting for all year.

These tips on how to save money at Christmas are so helpful, will definitely help me shop frugally for Christmas gifts this year! #christmas #savemoney #frugalshopping

Cut Back on Your Spending

Now don't get me wrong, my kids do get Christmas gifts. But we keep spending to a minimum. Their gifts are generally comprised of a couple mid-priced items and several smaller gifts. We set a gift budget, and stick to it. Although it has varied slightly, as a rule of thumb we usually spend an average of no more than $100 per child. {Update: As of the last couple of years, that amount has slightly increased. We usually get a family gift like a video game system <– my kids favorite right now- for everyone, then spend around $100-$150 (max) each child.} The important thing is, whatever your holiday budget looks like, make sure you stick to it.


Trim Down Your List Size

Another way to scale back is when shopping for family members and friends. This is where I think many people make the mistake of feeling like they have to ‘keep up with the Joneses‘ and do things just for show. Well I learned a long time ago that we're the Clark's and not the Joneses, and I quit trying to do things just because it's what everyone expected. (You have to learn how to say no, even at Christmas!) My immediate family comes first, and that usually means that we stick to buying for them. After all, everyone has their own families to provide for. Extended family and friends will have to understand and respect your priorities.


Shop Sales

If I have a specific item I'm on the lookout for, I will watch sales both online and at local stores to see if I can get it at a cheaper price. If I'm not shopping for something specific like to peruse the deal sites weekly to see if something comes up that would be a good fit for one of my kiddos. Some of my favorite deal sites that have great holiday sales are Jane, Zulily, and yes, Amazon. Lately my middle daughter has been into beauty products and I have ordered her a couple of Target's Beauty Boxes. I'm looking forward to seeing what they have around Christmas this year.


Use Cash Back or Bonus Sites

Sites like Swagbucks and Ebates are great for holiday shopping because you actually make money. This   in turn helps you save money by spending the money you earned on gifts instead of money out of your budget. Make sense?

Ebates is a site that earns you cash back on purchases you're already going to make, no extra shopping needed! If you buy household items, clothing, beauty products, and much more online already, you can shop at your favorite stores and earn money that can be put towards, you guessed it…Christmas gifts!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


Personally I like Ebates because most of my favorite stores are included like Lane Bryant, Bath & Body, Walmart, Target, JCPenney, and Amazon. (Check them out to see if they work with your favorite stores…I'll bet they do!) They even have the stores my kids love to shop at the most…ebay, Hot Topic The Disney Store and Ulta Beauty! (My kids range in age from 12-25!) 🙂

The percentage you can earn back changes but the typical range is anywhere from 1% to 12%. You have absolutely nothing to lose by signing up, and you might earn a nice little wad of cash just in time for the holidays. Oh and it's totally free to sign up, go here —> to start earning cashback with Ebates.


With Swagbucks you actually earn credits (called, what else…Swagbucks!) that can be redeemed for free Gift Cards or money.

Watch the video below to learn more about Swagbucks

Ready to give it a shot? Go here—> to start using Swagbucks.

What do you think about these tips on how to save money on Christmas Gifts this year? Like them? Hate them? Have your own to add? Leave us a comment below, we'd love to hear what you think! And if you liked this post, please consider pinning it!

Great info on How to Save Money on Christmas Gifts, glad I found this! Christmas|Christmas Gifts|Save Money|Christmas Gift Ideas|Christmas Gifts Tips|Save Money Christmas|Save Money Christmas Shopping|Save Money Christmas Gifts