If you have kids, then you know that taking a vacation with kids is so much different than taking one without kids!

Secrets to Having a Happy Vacation With Kids


But are there really things you can do to help your vacation go more smoothly? We think so!

Here are a few things we recommend.

Make Sure You Pack The Important Stuff

This might seem like a no-brainer, but how many times have you been out with your kids only to find that they forgot their sweatshirt, extra pair of shorts, or their favorite toy? My motto is that it's better to take too much stuff than not enough. Make sure you don't leave any must-haves at home and it'll make for an easier trip, no doubt!

Check on Kid-Friendly Activities

Knowing what is available for kids at your travel destination is super important. Do they enjoy amusement park rides, outdoor activities, sports, games? Making sure you know what there is for your kids to do is sure to make for a much less stressful vacation experience.

Let The Kids Choose

Whether it's which restaurant to go to or what activity to do next, letting your kids make a few of the choices allows them to feel a part of the planning process. The fact that they get to decide on things instead of just being told what you're going to do next will have them loving the experience even more.

Make Sure You Have Help

The best way to keep things running smoothly while you're on vacation is to not try and do it all alone! When you're traveling with kids, the more help you can get, the better! Whether you're traveling with your spouse, friend, or other family members, letting them occasionally take the reins (or take a shift) will let you take a little time to rest up and enjoy your trip as well.

Take It Easy

When we go on vacation, we often spend so much time trying to pack absolutely every activity known to man into one trip that we forget we're actually supposed to be enjoying it! Plus over scheduling activities can make for grumpy, overtired kids. Do yourself (and your kids) a favor…relax and rest already!

What do you think, do you have any tips or secrets to a having happy vacation with kids? We'd love to hear about them, be sure to leave a comment below!