When couples set out to have children, they would be more than happy with just one baby, that is healthy and strong. But the way nature works is mysterious sometimes and we may get more than we bargained for. Having twins instead of a single child is a wonderful surprise albeit, you’ll have to do a few adjustments to how you will take care of them. However, having triplets changes the game entirely.

It's certainly unusual to have three babies at the same time and with the possibility that more than two of your children will look like each other. This means we need to throw away some of the concepts we thought we would need and incorporate some of them into our new plan, which will be shopping for three. Triplets are a bigger challenge than twins and you must remember that the same way of thinking for parenting twins needs to be applied to them. Treat them as individuals and don’t get everything the same for them. They’re not a matching set, they have different personalities and different needs.

Shopping for triplets really is triple the fun! Here are some tips that will help! #shopping #triplets #tips #shoppingtips #shoppinghacks

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Individual sleepsuits


Every baby sleeps differently. Yes, they may kick and gurgle the same, and have that inquisitive look on their faces trying to figure out what’s going on. But, they are not all the same. When you have triplets especially, you need to know what kind of skin they have. Does one baby have dry skin, does one have blotchy sensitive skin and does the last baby have perfectly fine skin? In other words, do not buy in bulk. It's so easy to do this because it does save money, but it won’t help all of your children to buy the same kind of fabric and cloth.


Sleepsuits are the best way for newborn babies to sleep, as all of their body is covered and yet, the suits are designed to be thin, comfortable and flexible. For a baby that has blotchy skin that is sensitive, stay away from more coarse material such as synthetics and wool. Cotton is the best of both worlds and will suit almost any baby, but it's great for babies with sensitive reddish skin. For a baby that has dry skin, stay away from both cotton and wool, and try to find a nylon or silk babysuit they can sleep in.

Shopping for triplets is three times the fun!

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Around town


Now that the kids have been born, the mother will need to get up and about. You need to make sure you are walking and getting some kind of exercise even if it is just a simple stroll around town or the neighborhood. However, you can’t leave your babies at home and if you may not have the money to call a babysitter just for a couple hours whenever you feel like it. In that case you need to buy a triple stroller, so you can take all three of your children with you wherever you go. Some triplet strollers are going to be heavy because they use a cheaper material for the frame, but this stroller is just 17ibs. Take a good look at the dimensions it has, from the seats, the height, the wheel size, and the overall width. One great feature is that each baby has an independent canopy and seat recline option. So if one baby is more tired than the other two, they can get some shade and lay back to sleep, while the others can sit up properly and enjoy the bright day outdoors.

No shoes, just sandals


Baby’s feet are not to be caged as they need to breathe and remain as flexible as possible. You can upset the newborn if you put shoes on their feet as their range of movement has been limited and that can frighten them. To keep their feet warm, put some loose thin baby socks on them, but buy sandals not shoes. Shoes will not allow their sensitive feet to release heat and regulate their body temperature, but sandals have a free-flow of air constantly. It's also best to avoid sandals made out of plastic, as they often have sharp edges that cut the back of the feet, notably the achilles heel in babies. Get sandals made from soft leather or synthetics instead.


It's a shock when you hear the doctor say you’re going to have triplets. Don’t panic and just start throwing money around trying to catch up on preparation time that you missed. Focus on treat each baby as an individual and see what kind of skin each has, so you can buy the right kind of materials that won’t make their skin inflame and become worse.