When you’re about to be a parent, or you’ve got a newborn baby you’ve pretty much given up on the idea of sleep. They will wake every few hours in the night for a feed or a diaper change, and sometimes all they want is you close to them. Sleep deprivation can do many things to a person, but the most common symptom is feeling grouchy and snapping at people. However, even though you’ve got a newborn, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a good night of sleep each day.

Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash

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Check out these tips and tricks on how you could be sleeping soundly, even with a newborn.


Get them into a routine, and you too

You’ve probably heard of setting up a routine for your baby of bath, book, feed and bed, and it’s important to establish the routine that you want early on so that your baby can learn when it’s time to be asleep. Over time, your baby will understand when bedtime is coming up because of your routine. It’s also important to give yourself a routine too so that your body is able to wind down and get the sleep that you need. While you might have a night feed or two to do, it will become much easier to drift back off to sleep.

Give them time to learn how to self soothe

Your baby has just spent months inside of you, and is used to being near you at all times, so it’s no wonder that babies need some help getting off to sleep from time to time. However, it’s healthy for your baby to be able to self soothe themselves to sleep rather than needing your presence. Not only will you find that your baby will sleep better at night, but so will you! If they wake in the night, you might find that they simply self soothe themselves back to sleep. Take a look at these newborn sleep training tips to see how you can help yourself and your baby get the best sleep possible!

Sleep when they sleep

Like seriously! Babies aren’t born with the knowledge that when it’s dark you go to sleep, so at first your sleeping pattern will be erratic. Sleeping when they do will allow you to catch up on a few much needed zzz’s so that if and when you’re woken during the night, it’s not such a difficult task to get out of bed.

Change your diet

Finally, once your baby is in a routine you will be able to have some time to yourself in the evening. However, many parents still struggle with sleep and that’s often down to the food that they are eating in the evenings. Junk food and sugary food will give you energy and are also likely to cause heartburn or indigestion. Consider changing your diet so that you’re able to fall into a much more natural sleep and wake up feeling refreshed!