I'm not gonna lie, I love summer fashion for moms.

Why, you ask?

Because most days, that includes lounging around in my stay at home mom clothes. You know, PJ's or stretch pants. That is until the kiddos are ready to get into the pool, then it's into my bathing suit I go! I then throw on a comfy maxi dress followed by even comfier jammies a few hours later.

If you ask me, it's the perfect summer wardrobe!

Favorite Tops

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It works for me, because as a work at home mom, most of my days are spent…wait for it…at home with the kids!

But on occasion, I do have to venture out. You know, to get food and stuff.

Oh and appointments…doctor, dentist, the vet…you name it, we do it.

So on those rare occasions (rare usually meaning once a week or so) I have to actually get dressed (not dressed up, just dressed…as in, essentially put on pants) there are a few must-have items I wear a lot, if not daily.


Here are my best suggestions for summer fashion must haves for moms:


Comfy T-Shirt

Tees are cool and you can get them just about anywhere from Lane Bryant to Walmart. (Be sure to keep reading to check out one of my favorite online stores to find summer outfits for moms below!)

You can dress them up or down, depending on your accessories.  And I love graphic tees for moms, because there's nothing like packing a little punch and getting your message across when you actually do venture out of the house.

Shopping for plus size summer fashion? Be sure to check out this post!


Capri blue jeans

I like the selection from Lane Bryant also (now if only we had one in my town!). Capri's are great because they don't show quite as much as shorts but yet are way cooler (as in temperature, but the other kind fits here too I suppose) than jeans. Comfy, casual, yet pants-ish. So yeah, they work for me.

If you're looking for a great place to find mom shorts, I recommend Torrid. I bought a few pairs there for our trip to Disneyland and they're really comfortable and fit well.

Throw on Dress

Not to be confused with the throw up dress that you'll wear the first year of your baby's life. (HA HA, I think I'm funny anyway!)

But seriously, LOVE maxi dresses! They're the perfect summer fashion must have. After a nice swim the last thing I want to do is put on pants, so into a casual, cozy dress I go!

They're great for hanging out at home but also work well for a trip to the beach (or the grocery store… or wherever you happen to be headed).

You can find some of my favorite places to shop for plus size summer maxi dresses in this post! 


Summer Fashion Accessories for your Mom Wardrobe

Bracelets (anklets, too)

Don't forget to include jewelry in your list of summer fashion for moms must haves. What's so wonderful about bracelets, earrings and the like is you really can get them on the cheap.

My recommendations for summer accessories: check out this site as well as the one below.

We also make our own beaded bracelets at our house, and in fact my favorite anklet is a purple beaded one I made me-self. Pretty proud I am. (Just imagine that was an Irish accent, cuz that's what I was going for.)


Flip Flops

My motto is live life in flip flops. I love them and in the summer, when I'm not in the house barefoot, that's what you'll find me in. (These are some of my favorites!) I'd wear them all year round if I could, but I live in Oregon, so…yeah. Not likely. Although we do rock the sandals with socks look pretty well here.

Sun Glasses

This is one thing I refuse to spend a lot of money on. Sunglasses, although a must have, are a dime a dozen. If you're a mom like me, yours are constantly covered in smudge marks and at risk for getting sat on, stepped on or otherwise broken at all times.

So you won't find this money saving mama spending more than $10 or $15 max on a pair. Seriously. Ever.


Don't forget the over-sized summer bag!

This is probably one of my favorite things about summer outfits for moms is the bag. Seriously!

With so many options out there, I swear I could have a different bag for every day (although not sure where I'd hide them all from my husband, LOL!).

Something like this one works great for all those trips to the beach!


So the site I mentioned above is called Jane, and I'm absolutely obsessed with it! Although I'm not technically an affiliate (update- yes I am!) I'll likely be posting more awesome stuff from there as I genuinely love it. They carry a good selection of casual summer outfits, accessories, shoes and even home decor!

I also dig how it supports the small business owner as it's a combination of many different sellers with a wide variety of products.

Daily Boutique Deals


I hope you've enjoyed our summer fashion must-haves for moms! What does your summer wardrobe look like? Leave a comment below letting us know what item you simply can't live without!

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