I have to admit it, when I heard about ULTIMAtree, I was skeptical at first. My family are die hard Oregonian fresh tree lovers, and I didn't see the benefits of an artificial  tree and couldn't really understand why anyone would want one.  That's why when I got the opportunity to partner with ULTIMAtree for this post and received a sample tree to try out for myself, I kind of had a change of heart.

I never knew having an artificial tree could have so many benefits! #ULTIMAtree

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Upon opening the package, I could see that everything was well organized. All of the sections were numbered and there were clear instructions on the box, so there was no guess work involved at all. Very simple and straightforward.

The Benefits of an Artificial Tree #ULTIMAtree

Here's more info you should know about ULTIMAtree

It's FeatherWeight™ Assembly means the weight is spread out over 10 lightweight, easy to use sections. So it's less bulky and much easier to assemble, with each section weighing less than 9 pounds.

Their Wrap & Strap™ Storage System allows you to easily take down your ULTIMAtree after the holidays. It protects and gently compresses the branches, making packing it up (and unpacking it again next year) a breeze.

Patent Pending CleanConnect ™ Technology means that you won't see the wires or have to hunt for the cord. The plug is inside the trunk, just set a section in place, twist, and wa-la, you're done!

The Benefits of an Artificial Tree #ULTIMAtree

They offer a 10 Year Limited Warranty that covers the tree branches, stand and the lights. Visit the ULTIMAtree Warranty Page to learn more.


What I Like About ULTIMAtree

I think one of my favorite parts is that this tree comes with the lights already on it. With 680 energy-saving LED lights that go from multi-color to clear with the touch of a button, it saved my hubby from doing the dreaded job of untangling all of our lights this year.

The lights also have nine different patterns so you can have them flashing, blinking, or staying on at different speeds. They give off a warm glow that really makes your ornaments stand out.  It's pretty cool!

The Benefits of an Artificial Tree #ULTIMAtree


The Benefits of an Artificial Tree #ULTIMAtree


The Benefits of an Artificial Tree #ULTIMAtree


Now to convince you that an artificial tree might be the way to go!


The Benefits of an Artificial Tree

Lightweight and Easy to Set Up

Again, this tree really was a breeze to set up. It wasn't heavy, the sections came nicely wrapped and the instructions were clear. Very easy and hassle free.

No Mess

Usually we make a huge mess just bringing the tree in the house. Then there's the constant mess of the needles falling…constantly! Did I mention the CONSTANT mess? You get the picture. With an artificial tree, there's no mess. Period. That in itself should convince every mom in America to get one!

No Need to Water

I admit, I really rely on my family for this one. I'm doing good if I can remember to get everyone where they need to go for the day and take out something for dinner (dang! Well one out of two isn't bad, right?) let alone water a living tree every day. One less thing to check of my list, YES!

No Bugs

Did I happen to mention that I'm not a fan of bugs? Especially the kind that dive bomb your head when you're  trying to watch your favorite TV show (yes, I'm a blogger who also watches TV, sue me!). Not to mention the kind that are so weird looking, I swear they're from another planet. No bugs? Hooray, I couldn't be happier!

Less Risk of Fire

Let's face it, by the time Christmas is over I don't even want my hubby breathing his Hot Tamale breath near our stinking dried out live tree, for fear it will burst into flames on the spot. And even though there is still the risk of fire with an artificial tree, it's mostly due to people overloading electrical sockets with lights. The ULTIMAtree has one strand of lights to plug in, so there's definitely less risk of fire.

The Benefits of an Artificial Tree #ULTIMAtree

Stand Included

Most artificial trees come with a stand, which is just one less thing to have to worry about dragging down from the attic.

The Benefits of an Artificial Tree #ULTIMAtree


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