I love finding some of the best coffee mugs on Amazon! You might be surprised at the wide variety of coffee mugs Amazon has, they have great coffee mug gifts perfect for any occasion. Everything from funny coffee mugs and inspiring coffee mugs to unique coffee mugs and cute coffee mugs. I was happy to find such a large selection of Rae Dunn Coffee Mugs on Amazon since I'm a Rae Dunn collector. #coffee #coffeemugs #raedunn #coffeelove #coffeecups #gifts #giftsforher #giftsformom #amazon

Best Coffee Mugs

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Finding the best coffee mugs on Amazon is one of my favorite hobbies. If you're a coffee mug addict like myself, you should know that Amazon has a nice variety of mugs out there. There truly is something for everyone!

From Funny Coffee Mugs and Unique Coffee Mugs to Rae Dunn Coffee Mugs and Inspirational Coffee Mugs, you'll find a wide selection of the best coffee mugs on Amazon for sure.

Be sure to also check out my post showcasing the best coffee mugs for moms, there are some really great ones included!

Whether you're buying one as a gift or for yourself, we've compiled a list of the best coffee mugs to give you a few ideas.


Funny Coffee Mugs


To Do List Coffee Mug

Wake up to this funny To Do List Coffee Mug and you'll be laughing all morning. An Amazon bestseller, this mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. Plus the design is printed on both sides of the mug, which is rare.


To Do List Coffee Mug #coffeemug #coffeegifts #coffeelover


Wonder Woman Coffee Mug

I love this mug! Yup, my family calls me Wonder Woman. Pretty much every mom out there is Wonder Woman, in my opinion. Another good reason to get this mug for yourself, or the Wonder Woman mama you know.

Wonder Woman Coffee Mug #coffeemugs #coffeelover #coffeegifts

Unique Coffee Mugs


Heart Shaped Coffee Mug 

Just in time for Valentine's Day, this heart shaped coffee mug is the perfect gift for your significant other! Made of glass so you can get a good look at the liquid goodness inside, it's beautifully crafted and double insulated to keep your beverage hot. Perfect for any coffee lover!


Heart Shaped Coffee Mug #coffeemugs #coffeegifts #coffeelover


Elephant Coffee Mug 

This Boho Chic White Ceramic Elephant Coffee Mug is both durable and delicate. The fun trunk handle contains an inspirational message in small cursive text. Delicate gold accents tie it altogether to create a one unique coffee cup.

Elephant coffee mug #coffeemugs #coffeelover #coffeegifts

Japanese Wooden Tea Cup

Yes you can drink coffee from this mug as well so I decided to include it. I really love the way wood cups look and feel. Although this cup isn't microwave or dishwasher safe, I think it's beautiful and would be great for drinking coffee or tea when you have the time to actually finish it before it gets cold. (So in other words moms of littles, this mug probably isn't for you, ha ha!)

Japanese wooden coffee mug #coffeemugs #coffeegifts #coffeelover



Music Lover Coffee Mugs

Lovers of music, like me, will appreciate fun music/band type mugs to get their morning cup of joe started.

Life is Better with a Drummer

Are you a drummer lover? If you are you will love me, and this life is better with a drummer coffee mug. I am a drummer, as is my husband and my son. Do you have a drummer in the family, or a love of drummers?

Life is better with a drummer coffee mug  #drummer #drummergifts #coffeemugs #coffeegifts


Guitar Lover Coffee Mug

Know a guitar player that loves coffee? Grab this guitar lover coffee mug to get their day started right. My husband is also a guitar player and this is something he would totally love!

Guitar Coffee Mug #guitarplayer #coffeemug #coffeegifts #coffeelover

Rae Dunn Coffee Mugs


I was actually surprised at what a decent amount of Rae Dunn Amazon carries. I've been collecting Rae Dunn for over a year now and have it displayed in two hutches as well as on my coffee bar. The majority of my collection is mugs, and here are just a few of my favorites.

Rae Dunn Dream Mug

If you're a dreamer (and who isn't?) you'll appreciate this Rae Dunn Dream mug. There are at least two versions of this but this one with the teal inside is my favorite.

Rae Dunn Dream Mug #raedunn #coffeemugs #coffeegifts #coffeelover

Rae Dunn Boss Lady Mug 

There's nothing like working from home on my blog with my Boss Lady Mug in hand. I'm so thankful that I'm able to do what I do, and this mug is a great reminder that I'm in charge of my work and business…and it feels good!


Rae Dunn Boss Lady Mug #bosslady #raedunn #coffeemugs #coffeegifts #coffeelover


His and Hers Rae Dunn Coffee Mugs 

One of my favorite things about collecting Rae Dunn Coffee Mugs are the sets available for both the hubby and myself. This His and Hers set is a nice one, and would make a great wedding gift, bridal shower gift, or Valentine's Day gift. They have many others for couples too including Hubby and Wifey, King and Queen,  and Mr. and Mrs.

Rae Dunn Coffee mugs #raedunn #coffeemugs #coffeegifts #coffeelover



Inspirational Coffee Mugs


She Believed She Could So She Did Coffee Mug 

This inspirational coffee mug has a fancy gold embellished handle and hand lettered design on both sides. Although it's hand wash only (it only takes 30 seconds to wash a mug people) it's the perfect morning motivation to get your day started, don't you think?
Inspirational coffee mug #coffeemugs #coffeegifts #coffeelover #inspirationalcoffeemugs


Popular Coffee Mugs


Marshmallow Shaped Hot Chocolate Mugs 

Even though these aren't technically coffee mugs I had to include them as they're so cute! Plus they perfectly accent any coffee bar display and pair well with Rae Dunn Mugs. These are ceramic and come in a set of four cute little mugs. Note that these are much smaller than a standard coffee mug, please not the measurements when ordering.


Marshmallow coffee mugs #coffeemugs #coffeegifts #coffeelover



Mr. & Mrs. Couples Coffee Mugs 

There are many different variations and styles of Mr. & Mrs. Coffee Mugs and I thought these ones looked very stylish. I love the colors, grey for him and pink for her. The marbled look along with the gold lettering are a nice touch. Great wedding gift, bridal shower gift, and Valentine's Day gift too.


Grey and Pink Marble coffee mugs #coffeemugs #coffeegifts #coffeelover


Dog Mugs

Everything Tastes Better with Hair In It Coffee Mug

I know this can be a dog or cat lover mug, and I have both and let me tell you there is plenty of hair here to go around. One tip, rinse your mug before filling it… LOL! Snag this cute Everything tastes better with hair in it coffee mug today.

Dog lover coffee mug #coffeemug #doglover #coffeegift

My Dog Makes Me Happy Coffee Mug

This mug cracks me up. Yes,my dog makes me happy, you not so much!! LOL!! I need this mug, anyone else?

My Dog makes me happy coffee mug  #coffeemug #coffeegifts #doglover #giftsfordoglovers

Cat Mugs


Cute Cat Ceramic Coffee Mug 

These cute cat mugs come in a set, one black and one white. Two spoons are also included in the price, which makes this a very good buy. These mugs will hold around 12 ounces so they are on the small side, but perfect for evening coffee or tea. Also dishwasher and microwave safe, which is always nice.

Cute Cat Ceramic Coffee Mugs #coffeemugs #coffeegifts #coffeelover

Hello Kitty Mug

Perfect for the Hello Kitty fan, this mug is pink, white and red and features Hello Kitty as the star. If you know a Hello Kitty fan, this would be an awesome gift. (Even for yourself!)
Hello Kitty Coffee Mug #hellokitty #coffeemugs #coffeegifts #coffeelover

Pusheen Mug 

Pusheen is a popular kitty you can find on merchandise everywhere, and coffee mugs are no exception. This Pusheen coffee mug is simple and pink with a polka-dot pattern. Note that there are a wide variety of Pusheen coffee mugs, like this Celebrate Cupcake mug  and this Heart Catpusheeno Mug. 

Pusheen coffee mug #coffeemugs #coffeegifts #coffeelover #pusheen

I hope this list of the best coffee mugs on Amazon has given you some great options if you're looking for a new coffee mug! Coffee mugs make great gifts as well, so I'm sure you'll be able to find something just right for that special someone.


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