For some people, road trips are fun. For others, you'd just rather get to your destination instantly and skip the whole ‘getting there' part. Either way, it helps to know the best games to play on your road trip.

The Best Games to Play on Your Road Trip


Here are a few ideas:


Count the Car Colors

This is a favorite of ours. Everyone chooses a color, and we each keep track of how many cars have passed in our color. Sometimes we'll do this for miles and miles, or at least until someone gets bored and refuses to go on. Oh, and as a rule, you can't count cars that you pass on car lots, that's just not fair!


The Alphabet Game

My name is Annie and I live in Australia and I like Apples. Go through the alphabet and choose a name that starts with the letter you're on, followed by a place to live and something to like. This is a really fun one and we've come up with some really wild choices, especially for letters like Q, X, and Z.


Count the Type of Vehicles

You take semi-trucks and I'll take sports cars. Have everyone choose a type of vehicle to watch for. This can be as simple as pick-up trucks and station wagons (are those still around?) or as complex as a Dodge Ram and a Chrysler Town and Country. How you play is up to you, but this is nonetheless a fun version of the car color game.


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