You wouldn't think ideas about the best home decor for pet lovers would be very popular. I mean, who decorates with their pets in mind?
You might just be surprised! If there's one thing I know, it's that people love their pets (myself included!). We want them to not only be cared for and comfortable, but we want our homes to be a reflection of that love and care as well.

So we've scoured the internet and found some really neat ideas for home decor that any pet lover would want in their home.

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The Best Home Decor For Pet Lovers


Pet Wall Art

This home decor for dog lovers would look perfect in any dog owners home! I absolutely love this quote and it's such a sweet little wooden sign. It really has a farmhouse look about it and would be great in any living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.


These sweet Puppy Dog Prints are just right for family room, office or even nursery decor. They are available in different sizes, so they'll work great no matter the size of the room you're decorating.


I absolutely love this Dogs Make Our Lives Whole Wood Wall Decor! It's so true, as a dog owner myself I wouldn't hesitate to display this pet wall art in my home!

Pet Home Decor Accessories

A Custom Leash Hook is such a great idea and will help you keep your dog's (or cat's)leash where you will find it at all times. I love the wide variety of customization options: You can choose the paint color, text, hook finish, and of course the name of your pet.


Oh my goodness! This personalized dog or cat planter is soooooo cute! This is so unique and would be a great gift for any pet lover. Use it inside or outside to plant just about anything. I can't get over how sweet these are. You can not only choose the size of your planter, but you can also have multiple portraits painted on. Way cool!


Tell me this farmhouse style dog print tissue holder isn't the cutest thing?! You can select both the stencil color and the wood color, so it will match any color scheme you have in any room. I personally love the white with a grey or black paw print, but that's just me!


You can find pet pillows or pillow case covers at many different places. I found these cute cat throw pillow covers on Amazon, but I know you can get them custom made as well at Etsy and other shops.

Pet Furniture

Part of what's hard about having a pet is having the extra space to store all your pet's items. Having a piece of furniture specifically for this purpose is so helpful.

I found this farmhouse cabinet that I think would be the perfect place to store your pet's food, toys and more. If I only had the space, I would get this piece for my house in a heartbeat!

I've seen these DIY Cat Litterbox ideas all over Pinterest but since I'm really not the creative type, I wanted to search for something already made. I found this Catbox Enclosure Litter Box Side Table and just had to share it!

I LOVE that it keeps the cat box out of sight, and that it doubles as an end table is just beyond neat!


This Dog sofa from Amazon would work great for cats too! It's super cute and would look amazing in any living room or bedroom, don't you think?


If you need a more budget-friendly option, consider this one below!

There really is a plethora of home decor for pet lovers out there, you just have to know where to look!

Some of my favorite sites to find pet lovers home decor are listed below:


Hobby Lobby




What's your favorite place to find home decor for pet lovers?


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