I asked a question on my Facebook page a few weeks ago: What's the one baby product you used most with your babies and would recommend?

I received some great answers, and along with my own personal experience, decided to share The Best Newborn Baby Products Recommended by Moms.

These are some of the best newborn baby products recommended by moms I've ever seen! Definitely newborn baby essentials that expecting moms should have. #baby #babyproducts #babyessentials #babyitems #newborn #newbornbaby #motherhood #newmoms #expecting #expectingababy

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Here's your list of items needed for a newborn baby, we hope this helps!

Must Have Baby Products

Boppy Pillow

This is one newborn essential that I would recommend to any new mom who is planning on breastfeeding. I didn't have a Boppy Pillow for my first child and I had so much trouble trying to get the queen size bed pillow I used to stay in a position that supported the baby and was comfortable for me.

When my second child was born, I got a Boppy, and never looked back! I used a Boppy Pillow to nurse my third and fourth children too and it was a lifesaver. Definitely #1 on my list of must have newborn baby products for nursing moms!

Auto Rock and Play

When my kids were babies, there were bouncy seats. But with all the technology nowadays, of course they have rocking baby seats that you control with, you guessed it…your smart phone! Control everything from the speed of rocking to the length of rocking. Even the music! The Auto Rock and Play rocking baby seat should be on every expecting mother's baby checklist for sure!

Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

In my day, we used receiving blankets to swaddle our babies. And although they worked okay, they did easily come undone and come off when the baby slept. The original wearable blanket, the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle replaces regular crib blankets for a safer sleeping experience for your baby. The zipper opens from the bottom to make changing diapers easy. You can swaddle your baby 3 different ways: Arms-In to reduce startle reflex, Hands-to-Face for self-soothing, and 1 Or 2 Arms Out. This needs to be on your list of baby items to buy if you're expecting a baby.

Tula Baby Carrier

I will have to admit, I never used a baby carrier with any of my babies. I did try with my 3rd, but I had a heck of a time trying to get her in it when I was by myself and it seemed like more of a pain than it was worth, so I gave up and returned it. It just didn't seem like it was a baby necessity to me. But moms these days seem to be more on the go and I can see where a good baby carrier would be helpful.

The Tula Baby Carrier is one that was recommended by moms on my Facebook page, so I went to check it out. I like that it can be used for a long time, all the way up to toddlerhood. The insert allows for use with babies , and then easily remove it for use with toddlers.

It has not only padded straps, but a wide padded waistband. And can be used on your front or back, which is pretty convenient. I think a baby carrier makes a great newborn gift idea for sure.

More of The Best Newborn Baby Products

Baby Butz Cream

This diaper rash cream came highly recommended by the moms in our group. Baby Butz Cream is 100% natural and contains 30% zinc oxide which heals diaper rash fast. It's hypoallergenic and free from alcohol and fragrance, making it a healthy choice for your baby. Safe to use on even the most gentle skin, add this one to your list of baby supplies to purchase before the baby gets here!

Nose Frida

Now in my baby rearing days we had what we called the snot sucker, the bulb syringe the hospital gave you when you took the baby home. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't work so well.

When I first heard about the Nose Frida, I thought it was kind of gross to be honest. I mean, who wants to use your own mouth to suck snot out of your babies nose? We love them, but come on! Well upon investigating further this is a hygienic product as the disposable filters are clinically proven to prevent the transfer of mucus or bacterial germs to the snot sucker. Okay then!

This was invented by a doctor and doesn't use any alcohol, medicine or other additives. It's a must have newborn essential if you ask me, and would also make a great and practical baby gift idea.

There you have it! Some of The Best Newborn Baby Products Recommended by Moms. Do you have anything to add to this list? Leave a comment below, we'd love to hear your suggestions!

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These are some of the best newborn baby products recommended by moms I've ever seen! Definitely newborn baby essentials that expecting moms should have. #baby #babyproducts #babyessentials #babyitems #newborn #newbornbaby #motherhood #newmoms #expecting #expectingababy