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The Best Tips to Organize Your Pantry

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If you're looking for the Best Tips to Organize Your Pantry, you've come to the right place! (If you're looking to organize your kitchen, check out this post!) Today I have a few budget friendly hacks to help you organize your pantry that are easy to implement.

Some of the tips below suggest different products you can use to help in your quest to succeed at pantry organization. There are also methods to help you get things set up in a more orderly fashion.

Different options work for different people, these are simply pantry organizing ideas that will hopefully help you find what will work best for your home and family.

Bins & Baskets

Pantry organization bins are something I implemented years ago to help me organize things like granola bars, plastic silverware, and even our water bottles. The great thing about utilizing bins and baskets is of course they're so affordable.

But they also work just as good as many other containers out there. So if you're on a serious budget, I would suggest checking out the great selection of bins on Amazon.

Baskets are also a cute way to display things if say your pantry is a walk thru, or open to the kitchen. This way it just looks more “decorated” than just a storage container. I like the Honey Can Do Nesting Baskets.

That way there are different sizes depending on what you have to store.

These pantry organization ideas are super easy and affordable to boot! #pantry #pantryorganization

Wire Baskets

I see these in all the fancy pantries. Seriously, I love wire baskets. And although I have implemented them on my coffee bar, I have yet to get any for my pantry. They work well for storing and organizing a variety of items.

Truth be told, you can get them at a decent price. Find wire baskets at Amazon in a huge selection in all sorts of sizes and prices.


Rubbermaid Containers

If you want your pantry to look really nice, you can get rid of all those packages and cereal boxes by using Rubbermaid containers. They have Rubbermaid Storage Containers for everything from pasta and cereal to chips and more.

The clear ones are nice as you can see exactly what's in them. Plus they have a great seal that keeps things fresh for quite awhile.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Organization & Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids, Set of 10 (20 Pieces Total) #pantryorganization #storagecontainer


Some people use ice cream buckets and some use large size paint buckets.  Both are great for storing flour, sugar, and so much more.


Glass Jars for Pantry

There are a wide variety of glass  jars for pantry storage, from mason jars to Anchor Hocking glass jars.  A plus is that decorative glass jars are not only beautiful, they allow you to see what's inside without the need for labeling. Although if you're into labels, they look nice as well on pantry jars.

Godinger 3-piece Airtight Glass Canisters - Round Clear Storage Containers with Sealed Lids, Chalkboard Jar Set of 3, Chalk Included – Perfect Housewarming Gift. #kitchenpantry #pantryorganization




More Hacks to Organize Your Pantry

Line up Boxes by Meal

Place items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on separate shelves, or at least spaced apart. This will help to have different meals in their own area.

Organizing Your Pantry can be hard, these tips will help you go from looking cluttered to organized in no time! #pantry #pantryorganization

Group Cans

I keep soups, chili, and the kids ravioli and spaghetti O's in one spot. Veggies, tomato sauce, baked beans and dinner stuff another spot. That way I'm not searching through a ginormous bunch of cans to find one thing.

Another option is to use a stackable can organizer like this one.

Stackable Can Organizer. #pantryorganization #organizationtips

Heavy stuff on the Floor

Things like juice, flour and sugar buckets, small appliances, and stored extras can go on the floor.  We have bread maker, heavy glass cake plate (in the box), and our stock pot on the floor of our pantry.

These tips for organizing your pantry are awesome, so glad I found this! #pantry #pantryorganization

Hang From Shelves

Here's a neat pantry organization hack: If you have wire shelving, you can use clips or hooks to hang things like Potato chip bags!


Inside the Door Organizer

If you have a pantry door that opens outward instead of a sliding one, you can use an inside the door organizer. There are different kinds depending on what you're storing there. I use a broom and mop organizer because we don't have a utility closet so I keep my broom in my pantry.

But you can also use an adjustable door rack for your pantry like the one pictured below.

Over-the-Door Spice Rack Wall Mount Pantry Kitchen 8-Tier Cabinet Organizer.  #pantry #pantryorganization
There are also more budget friendly options like this over the door pantry organizer.  It's like a shoe rack for your food, LOL!


There you have it, some of my best hacks to organize your pantry! Do you have any other pantry organizing tips to add? Leave a comment below.

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