Weekend Getaway Ideas are great for spending time with your family, even on a budget.

Just because you don't have time or can't afford a full on vacation right now, doesn't mean you shouldn't consider a weekend getaway.

Sometimes all it takes is a short road trip to relax, unwind, and get you back on track. That's why we've come up with a few weekend getaway ideas to share today!

The Best Weekend Getaway Ideas You Should Know About


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Of course, where you go on your weekend getaway is dependent upon where you live. But here are some general ideas of places that for the most part are within driving distance for many folks.


Take a weekend trip to places like:

The Mountains

Although this might not be a doable option for everyone, if you live near the mountains and love the outdoors, it's a perfect weekend escape.

Pack up your sleeping bag, tent and the rest of your outdoor gear and get ready to enjoy nature! You can spend time going on hikes, bike rides, and hanging out around the campfire. Find a lake or river and go fishing or boating. It doesn't get much better than that!

The Next Town (or a few towns over)

Driving to a nearby town and staying for the weekend is a great way to get away while also staying close to home. This works especially well if you have kids and are leaving them with friends, family, or a babysitter and you want to stick close by.

Enjoy seeing what the town has to offer, from shops to restaurants, all while being just a short drive away from your family.

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The City

If you don't already live there, traveling to the city is a weekend getaway that will pack some excitement for sure. Most cities are full of art galleries, grand museums, huge malls, theaters, and many more attractions.

Research what the city has to offer before heading out. Book your room ahead of time and plan your itinerary so you'll be sure you get a spot and tickets to events if needed. Then take off and enjoy city living for the weekend!

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The Next State

Traveling to the next state over for a weekend getaway is a fun idea if you live close enough to do so. We live in Oregon and can easily drive to Washington in under two hours. Seeing a totally different area and all the amenities it has to offer can sure make for a full weekend of exploring.

We actually did this last Spring. Just hubby and I took off and drove up to Washington. We went to a cool boutique while shopping for a new piece for my coffee bar, and also visited a new Casino.

The Best Weekend Getaway Ideas You Should Know About

The Beach

Now I know this won't work for everyone, especially if you live in the Midwest somewhere. But if you're within driving distance to the beach, there is no better weekend getaway (in my humble opinion!).

We live about 45 minutes away from our favorite beach and try to make as many visits as possible. This year for sure I plan on at least a weekend or two there, if not more. It's my favorite place to travel to. We love spending time on the beach (of course!) with our toes in the sand. We also enjoy checking out the local shops and restaurants. Big shout out to Gallucci's Pizza here, a must try if you're ever in Lincoln City!


Which weekend getaway ideas are your favorite?

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