We've revealed a huge amount of DIY projects you can take on yourself in this blog. And the more success you get with your building, fixing and designing, the more confident you will be to do more. And it's a great approach to life that will save you a whole bunch of money, develop your skills and also give your home a unique look.


However, you must be careful not to push things too far. If you don't have any professional qualifications, there are certain jobs you should never do for the sake of your own safety, as well as a significant amount of money.


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Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common occasions when you should seek out a professional, instead of putting your health – and ban account at risk.

The electrics

The dangers of electricity should of no surprise to you – we all hope! The fact is that your home generates enough power to kill you and unless you know your way safely around electrical circuits you have to call in a professional. There's a good reason why only qualified electricians are allowed anywhere near the electrics in a business premises – the insurance companies will not cover it. And whatever you think of insurers, they tend to play the odds quite well, so stick with their theory, keep safe, and get yourself an electrician to deal with any problems with your mains, or any power points in the bathroom.


The gas supply

Gas is another killer lurking in your home, and given that there are so many things that can go wrong with your gas connections – especially at this time of year with freezing pipes – it's not a good idea to DIY with your own supply. The truly horrific thing about gas is that if you do mess about with the connections, you run the risk of causing a leak, which you may not even realize is there – until it's too late. You could end up causing an explosion, or even get carbon monoxide poison over time, causing you and your family severe health issues.



You might think that fixing a faulty HVAC system is a piece of cake. But you would be wrong. It's a whole host of problems waiting to happen if you aren't careful. Troubleshooting is tricky, and even if you are an expert with mechanical or electrical stuff, you might make a problem worse. Also, the electrical hazards can cause you serious injury – or worse – so it's best to call for a proper air conditioning service to ensure your protection. Finally, you might void your warranty, and given HVAC systems are incredibly expensive to repair it's probably best to avoid it.


The roof

Stay clear of doing any DIY on your roof – please!  So many people have tragic and completely unnecessary accidents up there and it just isn't worth the risk. Sure, you might save a few dollars by trying to resolve a problem yourself but the reality is that you might end up spending a lot more on medical bills and further roof repairs when you have an accident and make a mess of the job. Find a roofing company if you ever suspect you’re having issues because ultimately, they have the training, tools and know what to look for – whereas you probably don't.