These are great tips for keeping your house clean in the fall. #fallcleaning #homecleaningtips #cleaningtips #momshoppingnetwork #grovecollaborative

Tips to Keep Your House Clean in the Fall


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Who couldn't use a few tips for keeping your house clean in the fall?

Now I'm not going to pretend that housecleaning is my strongest suit…in fact, there are times I truly stink at it. But with a family of six, there are things that absolutely have to be done every single week.

This is how I keep my house (semi) clean, without spending hours and hours doing it.


Housecleaning Tip #1

Everyone Helps


If you sleep in the house, eat in the house and live in the house, you're messing up the house…so you'll help clean the house.

My kids all do dishes, laundry, picking up the house, sweeping, and vacuuming. They don't get paid to do chores, they do them to help keep the place we live looking nice and comfortable.

And no one has died yet from being overworked.

See how I get the kids to help clean here.


Housecleaning Tip #2

Don't Sweat the Big Stuff

This means let the big stuff slide during the week and have everyone help on the weekend.

During the week of course we keep up on things like dishes, laundry, and sweeping (okay, maybe only sweeping under the kitchen table after dinner…still counts, right?). But we save the vacuuming, bathrooms, and the kids cleaning up their rooms for the weekend.


Housecleaning Tip #3

Let Your Nose Work

What the heck do I mean by that?

I mean to choose cleaning products that actually smell good!

Choosing products that smell good actually seems to make cleaning more enjoyable (and go by faster for some reason!).

From dishwashing liquid and hand soap to bathroom and multi surface cleaner, there really are all natural products that have amazing scents that you will enjoy using.

These are great tips for keeping your house clean in the fall. #fallcleaning #homecleaningtips #cleaningtips #momshoppingnetwork #grovecollaborative

Housecleaning Tip #4

Have a Place for Everything

From coats to backpacks to the mail, if everything has a place, then everything should be put in that place.

That will save you (and your kids) tons of time picking up everything on the weekend.


Housecleaning Tip #5

Take Shoes Off at the Door

Okay so this isn't as much cleaning as it is prevention. What's that saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? Anyway.

We take our shoes off at the door, absolutely no shoes are worn in our house. And you know what? It really does help keep the floors cleaner. Dirt and debris doesn't get tracked all over the floor and carpet, so there's less sweeping and vacuuming to be done (which means more time for the fun stuff in life, YAY!)


Now that you have a super duper list of tips for keeping your house clean in the fall, let's figure out how to get you some of that great smelling and high-quality stuff I mentioned above.

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These are great tips for keeping your house clean in the fall. #fallcleaning #homecleaningtips #cleaningtips #momshoppingnetwork #grovecollaborative

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The great folks at Grove are my #1 secret weapon for keeping my house clean in the fall. What's yours?