Hopefully you're enjoying your summer. But despite how much we love the sun, being exposed to it too much isn't good for us, as we all know.

So sharing a few basic tips to keep you protected from the sun seemed like a good thing to post about. Sometimes we all need a little reminder. 🙂

Tips to Keep You Protected from the Sun

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I think when most people think of going out in the sun, a hat is a common item to have with you, especially for guys. So many guys seem to wear baseball caps anyway that they've always got that sun protection, no extra steps needed.

Keeping your face shaded is important as it's a common place to develop skin cancer. Which brings us to our next tip.



People either are fanatics about this or they forget.  Unfortunately I usually fall into the latter category. I can't count the number of times we've  headed to the beach only to realize that we didn't pack the sunscreen.

And just because it's not extremely hot out doesn't mean that you don' t need sunscreen. You can still get burned any time the sun's out. I'm actually getting better about remembering to have the kids apply sunscreen when we're at home before they go in the pool, even though they hate it.



These are a necessity for me in the summer. Like, I seriously can't even drive without them. Sunglasses don't have to be spendy, as you can see here. But giving your eyes that protection is important…plus they look really cool! 🙂


Airy Clothing

I know I know, it's summer and the last thing you want to do is put on more clothing! But wearing light, airy clothing can really protect you from the sun while not causing you to overheat.


Pop up Tents or Sun Shelters

This is a great option if you have little ones especially as you can set it up and let them either play inside or at least take breaks and get out of the sun for awhile. I love this one because there's no floor so the kids can still play in the sand and build their sandcastles while they're out of the sun.


So even though these are simple things, I hope these tips will help keep you protected from the sun. And your loved ones, too!


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