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Tips to Make Bathroom Cleaning Fun

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It's no secret that cleaning the bathroom isn’t my favorite task. But if you find ways to make bathroom cleaning fun, it can be almost, dare I say it, pleasant? Grabbing products from Grove Collaborative can help make bathroom cleaning fun.

Looking for ways to help your bathroom cleaning a bit more fun? Read on for 6 tips to help make bathroom cleaning fun.

Make it a game:

Cleaning the bathroom always feels like it takes forever, but you'd be surprised how little time tasks actually take. I like to set a timer like my mom used to do and see how quickly I can complete each task.

For example, it only takes one minute to wipe down the counters and sink, and makes a huge difference in how clean our bathroom feels. Who knew? I actually do this daily to help too.

Buy cleaners that smell fantastic:

Nice smelling cleaners go a long way toward making the bathroom cleaning experience more pleasant. I actually look forward to using this Mrs. Meyer's tub & tile cleaner.

The best part is there are no harsh fumes, so I don't have to hold my breath while I'm scrubbing the bathtub.

Squeeze in a workout:

We all know there aren’t enough hours in the day. So why not combine a few of tasks on your to-do list? Even though the bathroom is a small space, you can really work up a sweat.

Maybe you think this sounds funny, but it's not. Doing 10 pushups and squats in between the cleaning of things adds a little extra exercise to your day.

For me because I have 2 bathrooms (upstairs and downstairs) it's fun to clean one toilet, run to next bathroom and do that toilet. Repeat with sink, floors, etc.


Clean while you're in the shower:

I love hot showers and could spend all day in there. So while I’m enjoying the water, I give the shower walls and glass a quick scrub down to keep them shiny. It makes cleaning the bathroom a lot less painful (and is a pretty productive use of water!).

I stash my Mrs. Meyer’s tub & tile and Grove Collaborative scrubber sponge on the ledge in my shower as a reminder. The Grove sponges are perfect because the non-abrasive scouring side gets into the grout while the soft side gets the glass squeaky clean.

Listen to music:

Playlists are a great way to pump yourself up when you’re cleaning.  I usually get so engrossed in the music that time flies by. And again, I get my sweat on and a great work out!


Treat yourself:

Beautiful soaps, hand lotion, or a bouquet of flowers are a nice reward for all your hard work. These Mrs. Meyer’s soaps and lotions are a super luxurious treat — no artificial scents here, just essential oils! Their honeysuckle hand lotion is my absolute favorite, it smells heavenly!


Bonus tip:

Speaking of ways to make cleaning more fun, skip the grocery store and stock up on supplies from Grove Collaborative instead. Grove delivers the best natural household products from Seventh Generation, Method, Mrs. Meyer’s and more right to your door, on your schedule.

I used to hate running to the store for glass cleaner or toothpaste, but now I look forward to my monthly shipment from Grove. It feels like a present for me, but I'm actually helping my family stick to our budget! Grab your free kit and try Grove Collaborative now!

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