If you're thinking about going on a trip, you'll want to have a look at these top 3 vacation must-haves. They just might surprise you!

These are must-haves for any vacation, glad I found this!

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When thinking about a vacation, we always think of the  top things we need to pack for a vacation. But that's not what we're talking about here. These are things you need to have to make your vacation a success that won't fit in your suitcase.


Top 3 Vacation Must-Haves


A Plan

You need to have a plan for any trip. You've heard the saying; if you fail to plan, you plan to fail…this rings true for vacations (as well as life). Make sure there is something fun for everyone. For our family that means a variety of different activities as we have a wide age range and a diverse set of likes. Yes, everyone might not like every activity, but as long as there's at least one or two things they like, the trip will be a success.


Flexible Expectations

Hear me out here. What I mean by this is that no vacation is going to be perfect. If you expect perfection, you will indeed be disappointed. Of course you'll do everything in your power to make sure your trip goes well. But be flexible and ready to go with the flow at any given time, because especially with kids, you're going to have to be ready for challenges.


Enough Funds

We had our trip planned to Disneyland when my two oldest children were six and two years old. Plane tickets were bought, and my in-laws who live in California were gracious enough to cover our hotel and passes to get into the park, which was a huge blessing. So basically, we just needed to bring money for food and souvenirs. We were excited for the trip…until my husband unexpectedly lost his job just weeks before we were about to leave.

It was a scary time, but being almost everything was already paid for, we decided to go and deal with our problems when we returned. The bad part? We had very minimal resources (and even felt bad spending what we did because we knew our situation was uncertain upon returning home.)  Was the trip fun? Yes, to a point. But it was also full of stress, fear and uncertainty. We couldn't really enjoy ourselves like we would have because of our situation. So having enough funds really is crucial if you want a carefree, low stress, enjoyable vacation.


Can you think of any vacation must-haves we've overlooked? Share them with us in the comments!