When it comes to car manufacturers, people definitely have their favorites. Take Ford Lovers for example, they can be a dedicated bunch. With the holiday's coming up quick, we thought it would be fun to share our picks for the top holiday gifts for Ford Lovers.

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Here are a few gift options for dedicated Ford Lovers

Gifts for Current (or Potential) Ford Truck Owners

Seat Covers

Seat covers are a great gift option and a good idea to have in your truck. Protecting your seats will help keep them from normal wear and tear, which will in turn help maintain the value of your Ford truck.

These are the seat covers we have on our Ford F150 and we've been very happy with them.

Seat Covers


Tires can be a bit expensive as a gift, but it all depends on who the gift is for….maybe you're getting them for yourself! (Hey, we all should treat ourselves now and then, am I right?) My hubby recently (as in just last week) got new tires for his Ford F150 and he's super happy with them!

Bed Liner

I think if you're planning on hauling stuff a lot then a bed liner is definitely a good idea. In the past we've had these kind of bed liners and they're really great.

Gifts for any Ford Vehicle Owner

Upgraded Stereo System

While most stock stereos are okay, most music lovers like to upgrade their stereo system when they get the chance. How much you spend depends on the person (and how loud they like their music, ha ha!). You can get a new stereo at a fairly decent price, and it never hurts to shop around, of course.

Floor Mats

Living in Oregon and having four kids, Floor mats are something that I absolutely wouldn't want to be without. Again, a great gift that you can pay a lot or a little for, depending on your budget and taste.

Ford Key Chains

Again, many varieties here. Some Ford Key Chains are unique, like this Buckle Down Seat belt Key Chain or this Ford F250 Personalized Key Chain. These make really great stocking stuffers too!

Gifts For the Die Hard Ford Enthusiast

Ford Sign

Ford lovers usually like displaying the fact that they like Fords, am I right? What better way to do that than with a  Ford sign? Get one to hang in your family room, den or man cave.


Ford Ball Caps

You can find Ford Baseball Caps in all colors, styles and sizes. They're an inexpensive way to let the Ford enthusiast in your life express themselves.

Ford Jewelry

You can even find Ford Jewelry if you know where to look! (And lucky for you, we do!) 😉


Ford T-Shirts

Even though kids typically don't like clothing as a gift, most adults I know love it. Especially T-Shirts (or is that just me?)! Let your Ford fan wear their favorite car manufacturer with pride!

Have any other gift ideas for Ford Lovers? We'd love to hear about them in the comments!