As much as I like Easter, I'm totally ready to trash the Easter basket!  I don't like having to get a new Easter basket for all the kids every year. You use it once, and then that's it! Talk about a waste of money!

There's got to be a better way. So I set out to find things that can be used instead of a traditional Easter basket. Oh and if you need ideas about Easter Gifts for Dads, I have that covered too!

Colored eggs in a unique Easter Basket

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Whether your kids believe in the Easter bunny or not, I'm guessing they're used to getting Easter baskets every year. Now most Easter baskets aren't really that expensive. But when you add up the cost times the number of kids you have times say ten to fifteen years, you're looking at a little bit of change that could be spent elsewhere.

Here are a few Unique Easter basket ideas that are multi-functional. You'll be able to use these long after Easter is over.


Beach Bag

A beach bag for Easter? Why not?! Unlike an Easter basket that gets used once then tossed out, you can reuse your beach bag again and again! Fill up your Beach Bag with jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and Easter goodies. Then when Easter is over, take your bag to the beach, the market, or even a sporting event. Get your own beach bag like the one below here.


Who would have thought an upside down umbrella could make a great Easter basket! Fill it with all the kids favorite treats and afterwards, take it for a walk in the rain. (I know here in Oregon it's probably going to be raining on Easter I'm sure!)

Tackle Box

If your little ones love to fish, then this is a great option! Fill up a tackle box with their Easter goodies. Then when the holiday is over, fill it up with hooks, line and sinkers and take them fishing!

Rain Boots

Well if you're going to walk in the rain, why not get the kiddos some new rain boots? Fill the boots with the good stuff and when Easter's done, instead of trashing the basket, they can wear the boots!

DIY Candy Easter Basket

Maybe none of the options above appeal to you but you'd still like to ditch the traditional basket. How about trying out Easter Basket craft ideas? Consider making your own DIY Edible Easter Egg Basket! You need four boxes of your child's favorite candy and a few other things. You can find the full instructions over at The Krazy Coupon Lady.

There are so many great ideas out there! If you're in need of more inspiration, check out Pinterest and you'll find a ton! And be sure to follow me for more great tips!

So if you're ready to trash the Easter basket, which of these creative Easter Basket Ideas would you use instead?




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