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Treat Yourself to a FabFitFun Subscription

Treat Yourself to a FabFitFun Subscription

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  1. Marissa M

    I do not currently get FabFitFun boxes but it looks like they include some awesome products!

  2. CMiller

    I received one box and loved it. Just that it took so long and I had to choose a gift other than the one i wanted because they ran out. Didn’t like that because you find out later and not before. So I’m hesitant to order any more.

  3. Debbie Yoder

    I dont get the subscription box,but i have read alot of reviews and they are all very positive!

  4. Michelle Damon

    I have never received one but have heard great things about it and it sounds like so much fun and very exciting.

  5. Desiree Grubbs

    I love getting FabFitFun boxes! My favorite item so far was a blanket!

  6. Leela

    I don’t currently get them. My favorite beauty items are lipsmackers, lip gloss, face scrubs and peel off masks.

  7. Melissa Smith

    I’ve always wanted to get a FabFitFun box! But taking the plunge on a subscription box makes me so nervous for some reason.

  8. Melissa Storms

    I have actually won a partial FabFitFun box and I ordered one in the past. I have a scarf/coverup that I use all the time at the pool and a necklace that I wear a lot from Fabfitfun. It really is a nice box.

  9. Sherry Proch

    My hubby got me a box about 4 years ago and I really enjoyed it. Finances got tight and couldn’t get another but may have to get again!

  10. Barrie

    Although my hubby had a cow, I treated myself to a year’s worth of FabFitFun boxes! I love them! My favorite is anything to do with bathing…bath salts, scrubs, and new lotions!

  11. Helga

    I don’t get fat fit fun boxes but I love the idea of trying new products every month, especially skin care.

  12. Gabrielle

    I don’t get Fab Fit Fun (yet), but I’ve seen great products from brands like Kate Somerville and Kate Spade offered in them!

  13. fran

    My daughter got one once and loved it.

  14. Megan Parsons

    I don’t get this subscription box, but I have thought about it.

  15. Debbi Wellenstein

    I got one FabFitFun box. Three beautiful little bowls were included in the set which I just love.

  16. Amber Kolb

    I think the boxes are really cool but I haven’t tried one yet. I’m getting ready to start a new work out routine on Monday and get motivated again.

  17. Edye

    I have never gotten one, but I love all the fitness items!! 😀

  18. Jessica Peeling

    I have never gotten one of the boxes but I always love seeing their athletic wear!

  19. jerseymama

    I love the items in the Fab Fit Fun boxes. It’s hard to chose my favorite. I love the commercials on tv.

  20. Tony Platz

    I have never heard of it I saw your post while looking for gifte for my daughter I may subscribe.

  21. Cheryl B

    I am new to this. But I am interested in how it works.

  22. Julie Bickham

    I don’t currently get the boxes. I would love to though, such great stuff!

  23. Danielle Williams

    I currently do not get the fab fit fun boxes.

  24. Susan Smith

    I don’t get the subscription box but I enjoy trying new products.

  25. elizabeth miller

    I have never ordered the boxes. I always think they look great but then I worry about how much I may not use versus the cost. I would love to try one out and really see.

  26. Alison King

    I’ve never gotten a Fab Fit Fun box. They seem so cool though.

  27. LeAnn Harbert

    I’ve never gotten one of these boxes before. It looks like they send nice stuff.

  28. Richelle Leffler

    I don’t get the box now because I can’t afford it p, but I’ve gotten a couple boxes in the past. I really love the box and wish I could afford it,



  30. kathy pease

    I do not get the boxes but they do sound awesome!

  31. Julieh

    I have not gotten one before, but I love to get skincare products.

  32. Dana Rodriguez

    I have never subscribed to any box but they do sound like fun!

  33. Helen

    I have never gotten a fab fit fun box, but all the stuff in them looks so cool and fun. I would love to try out some of their stuff myself.

  34. Antoinette M

    I am not a FabFitFun subscriber. I like that you can customize your box.

  35. Jennifer H.

    I have not got one one of these before. I think that the products would be great.

  36. Chris L

    I have not tried this box yet. It looks like it has some nice items.

  37. Shirley Symon

    Would like one but subscription services just don’t fit into my budget every month

  38. Julie Waldron

    No, I do not get the boxes.

  39. Lisa

    I love the FabFitFun boxes. I like to get them and save some of the items for Christmas/Birthday gifts

  40. Jamie Martin

    Not yet. I love sub boxes.

  41. Candie L

    I have not tried their boxes (yet). Thank you

  42. Megan Wilson

    I haven’t got these boxes yet, and would love to!

  43. Sarah

    I’ve never subscribed to fab fit fun box it looks like a really nice subscription box.

  44. AEKZ2

    I do not receive the FabFitFun box. I’ve wanted one for a while though.

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