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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

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  1. Kristen W Allred

    I love all these great ideas for Valentine’s Day!

  2. Chantelle

    I’ll not very subtly read this out loud when my husband is in the room 😊. Great suggestions!

    1. Sheila Rae

      Hahaha!! That is a great idea 😉 Men might not always listen but they do soak in a little of this and that 😉

  3. Lisa

    I love to get chocolates for Valentine’s day.

  4. Lisa Manderino

    I think I am a chocolate and flowers kind of Valentine!

    1. Sheila Rae

      I do love me some chocolate and flowers. I saw a post on FB about how not to give carnations for Valentine’s Day as they are the worst flower. Actually.. they are one of my FAV’s because they last forever!

  5. Stephanie

    This is a great list. thanks for sharing!

  6. monique s

    I like to get chocolates or jewelry for valentines

  7. April Morin

    My favorite Valentine gift is candy.

  8. Adrienne

    Great ideas! I like your handmade jewelry picks, so creative.

    1. Sheila Rae

      Thanks 🙂

      Etsy and Amazon have some awesome handmade jewelry, if you like jewelry 😉

  9. Jen Ha

    games to get

  10. Darlene Carbajal

    I love getting flowers and chocolates!

  11. athena graeme

    I’ve had some mixed gifts over the years, good and bad … really bad! But by far the best, is when my husband gives me a really good massage, candles, a Lush vanilla massage bar, soft music, a cocktail … it makes me feel like queen of the world!

    1. Sheila Rae

      Oh I love candles and Lush products.

  12. Jeanne Coulombe

    I love to get jewelry for valentine’s day 💞 and gift baskets with bath products in them.

  13. Melissa Smith

    My fave gift to get for Valentines Day is just some dark chocolate & a candle.

  14. Amber Kolb

    I get SO excited about chocolate covered strawberries! My favorite!

  15. laurie damrose

    I love to get jewelry and flowers.

  16. Annmarie Weeks

    I actually just love when my hubby brings me flowers for Valentine’s Day. We don’t usually make a big deal out of that holiday.

  17. Ginny Williams

    Homemade cards… hands down! Keepsakes to have for years to come🙂

  18. Carol Moore

    My favorite gift to give someone on Valentines day is perfume or cologne.

  19. Julie Bickham

    I like getting yummy chocolates for Valetines Day.

  20. Kristine Paull

    Flowers, beautiful flowers

  21. Antoinette M

    I love flowers for Valentine’s Day.

  22. Elizabeth Miller

    Actually my favorite gift to get for Valentines is dinner.

  23. Dana Rodriguez

    I love your ideas. Jewelry or chocolate is always nice.

  24. Brittany Raisor

    My hubby always gets me candy, a movie, and we order dinner in on Valentine’s day so we don’t have to wait in long lines for a date night. I love it.

  25. Helen

    I love to get clothes or shoes for Valentines Day.

  26. Klassic

    That would be chocolates of all sorts.

  27. Beatrice P

    I like to be treated to dinner on Valentine’s Day

  28. Laurie Emerson

    My favorite gifts to receive are homemade anything and homemade cards.

  29. Julieh

    I like to get chocolate candy.

  30. AEKZ2

    I like to receive See’s chocolates.

  31. Kathy L Pierce

    Hand made cards are my favorite!

  32. Audrey Stewart

    My favorite thing to get for Valentine’s Day is Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries.


    i like nuts for Valentines Day.


    i like nuts for Valentines Day.

  35. Mary Gardner

    My favorite gift is dark chocolate.

  36. kathy pease

    I like to get flowers the most

  37. Leela

    I like time together.

  38. Buddy Garrett

    I love chocolates.

  39. Lily Kwan

    I like to receive chocolate and jewelry.

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