I'm always on the lookout to find great stuff (lately farmhouse decor!) and I found this cute whimsical kitchenware. What is whimsical kitchenware, you say? Well to me, it's anything bright and quirky that makes your heart skip a little beat when you see it! And makes you think, I just have to have that!

I just love this whimsical kitchenware, so pretty! Kitchenware | Kitchenware Ideas | Kitchenware Tips | Cute Kitchenware | Unique Kitchenware | Kitchenware Styles

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Tips for Choosing Kitchenware & Decor

I'll have to admit it, I have trouble choosing only one style of decor for my home. I like so many things! And the beauty of it is, we don't have to choose only one style! As much as I'm loving farmhouse decor lately, for me it would be boring to have only white dishes. So I'd add a splash of color by choosing a few pieces of quirky kitchenware to liven things up a bit.

Unless you're a huge home decor Instagram influencer and have to have your house perfectly decorated (which most of us aren't, no matter how much we wish we were!) this is totally fine. In fact, I'd say it's probably the way most of us live, in houses that are filled with things we love that aren't necessarily perfectly coordinated furnishings and the latest home decor trends.

If you're not really comfortable mixing thing up (and you have ample storage), you can have two entirely different decor styles for your kitchen. Have basic colors for bigger items, but then maybe have two different styles of a few smaller items such as plates, canisters, utensil holders and coffee cups. That way you can alternate between two different looks you love without too much effort.


Take a look at some of the whimsical kitchenware I found, I think you'll love it!

Maybe whimsical kitchenware isn't your style. That's totally okay. Find what you love and go with it! That's the great thing about the internet- there's something for everyone because there are millions of products out there!

My husband gave me a set of pots and pans for Mother's Day a couple years ago (yes it was one thing I had told him I wanted). Although I wouldn't call them whimsical, I just love them. (In fact, you can find the set of pans here that I own, and I really recommend them, they work great! Plus I love the color!)

And wouldn't you know, for Christmas he did it again. This time it was a bigger set in red. Needless to say I have been doing some cleaning and getting rid of my old pots and pans.

So what I like to do with my kitchenware is focus on one or two main items and design around that. For example, this complete set of Mason Jar Ceramic Kitchenware would go great with my first set of pans. It comes with four measuring cups, a spoon rest, set of measuring spoons, utensil jar and mason jar. I just love it! (Hint hint for the next holiday, honey!) 🙂


There are also more matching pieces including a butter dish, bread bin (or box as I like to call it), cookie jar, and  salt and pepper shakers. So you get the picture, choose products to match one or two bigger items.


More Whimsical Kitchenware

Pretty much anything Mason Jar is all the rage and has been for years. All you have to do is visit Pinterest and you'll find everything from Mason Jar Crafts, to mugs, to utensil holders. (Man there are some crafty people on Pinterest!) Personally I'm really liking these  Mason Jar Mugs on Amazon.


I have to admit, I'm a bit of a coffee mug collector. I recently discovered Anthropologie and found some of the neatest coffee mugs! (Some are pricey but I always look for the ones on sale!)

Here are some of my favorites, from Anthropologie and elsewhere.

I love that adding something as simple as a new coffee cup display (see how I added one to my new coffee bar here) can create a warm and inviting feel.

The truly fun thing about setting up your kitchen is that you can decide to change it up anytime you want. You might only change a piece or two and make small, affordable changes, or you might want to give it a complete overhaul and total makeover of your kitchenware and decor.

But whatever you decide, whether you're into whimsical kitchenware, farmhouse style decor or something totally different, your kitchen is your own. Don't be afraid to get creative, add something new and make changes as your budget allows.

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