I know what you're thinking…I have a new car and I'm not letting my kids anywhere near it!

But I have to disagree. There are actually many great reasons to let your kids borrow your car.

Here are a few.

Why You Should Let Your Kids Borrow Your Car

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Why You Should Let Your Kids Borrow Your Car


1- It Teaches Them Responsibility

Make sure, of course, they know what's expected of them ahead of time…when they need to bring it back, they'll have to put gas in it, and any rules you have about who rides with them and where they go. Setting clear boundaries from the beginning is the surest way to avoid any misunderstandings and potential trouble.

2- It Keeps Them Out of Trouble

Providing that you know where they're going (which as a fellow parent, I'm sure you will), who they're going to be with and all the details, letting your kid borrow your car could actually keep them out of trouble. Most teens and young adults really just want to get from one place to another, and when you make that easy for them, they'll spend more time on their activities and less time being bored figuring out things that they could do but probably shouldn't.

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