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If you're looking for something to keep your kiddos busy these last few weeks of summer vacation, I highly recommend reading- specifically, Zoo-Sa-Palooza Time- A Delightful New Children's Book written by Audrey JohnsonMcCurdy.


Zoo-Sa-Palooza Time- A Delightful New Children's Book


A little about Zoo-Sa-Palooza:


A delightful Children's Book that'll whisk you away on a wonderful, fun-filled adventure at the Zoo! Meet Esa~Bella, an 8-year-old girl with such a vivid imagination, who takes YOU around the world simply by visiting the Zoo.  Esa~Bella and her family spends a WILD day “flying” to India, Africa, Australia and more, and guess what… this book is YOUR passport for this crazy day romp. A ZOO visit like no other! Strange and magically things are going to happen…so strange even the animals living there want to know what's going on!!


Mahogany Moon Enterprises, the publisher of Zoo-Sa-Palooza, is promoting a ‘read out loud' movement. They think that there's no better way to bond with children than by becoming the characters and getting silly by making all the appropriate sounds to each character in this book…and I'd have to agree!


Zoo-Sa-Palooza Time- A Delightful New Children's Book

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To purchase this great new children's book, visit Audrey JohnsonMcCurdy's website. And here's a bonus for you! If you enter the coupon code TMSN1310 at check out, you'll be entered to win a $20.00 Starbucks Gift Card…how sweet is that? Mahogany Moon Enterprises will be awarding one lucky customer a Starbucks Gift Card once every month!


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Let us know what you think! If you purchase Zoo-Sa-Palooza- a delightful new children's book, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Leave us a comment below. Now go and enjoy some reading time!



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